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Brighten your space with splashes of yellow
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Brighten your space with splashes of yellow

If you were asked to name the happiest colours, there is a good chance that yellow would feature quite highly on your list - and for good reason. Yellow is the colour of sunshine, daffodils and freshly-made lemonade; however, it can be quite a tricky colour to incorporate into interiors without looking too wishy-washy or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, visually overwhelming. Fortunately, incorporating this colour does not have to be difficult!

Make a style statement with yellow walls

Painting an entire room yellow might be a bit risky; however, colouring a few smaller areas of a space, such as alcoves or window recesses, could provide a beautifully uplifting element that makes your room appear larger and airier. Alternatively, you could opt for a half-and-half aesthetic. This technique works beautifully in hallways and it is incredibly easy to DIY. Use a spirit level to mask a straight line one-third to half way up your wall, painting just the bottom section in your preferred yellow hue.

These paint options work especially well if the rest of your room is a crisp white shade for the perfect spring/summer aesthetic; however, if your preferred look is something a bit bolder, don’t be afraid to experiment with different colour combinations. You don’t even have to keep things ultra-linear; for example, you could create different shapes on the wall for a fun, youthful aesthetic in a child's playroom.

Colour blocking

If you are not quite ready to get the paint brush out, another brilliant way to play with splashes of yellow is to invest in a few key styling pieces. You could go all out with a yellow sofa, choose a beautiful yellow dinner service for your summertime gatherings with friends and family, or start small by introducing a yellow lampshade or storage basket to see whether the shade is something you enjoy looking at every day.

It’s all in the material

Imagine just how much freshness some yellow curtains, a beautifully-patterned table runner or even something as simple as some place settings for your dining table could add to your space. Pair with blonde wooden furniture for a contemporary Scandi vibe or clear glass pieces for an ultra-modern aesthetic.

Yellow as a final touch

You may be surprised at just how much a bowl of lemons in a kitchen, a bouquet of fresh yellow flowers or some bright coasters on a coffee table can brighten up your space. Even small splashes of this sunshine shade can have a hugely positive effect on the atmosphere of your home and how your surroundings make you feel.

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