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Choosing your theme for the holiday season
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Choosing your theme for the holiday season

When decorating your home during the most wonderful time of the year, having a clear vision will help you to avoid any unnecessary seasonal decorating stresses.

Start with one central piece

Whether your star of the show is your tree or your table setting, starting with one piece may help you to find your ideal theme very quickly; for example, you might have a favourite sentimental tree ornament or a vintage dinner service you would really like to use. Begin by looking at the colour and style of your chosen piece and think about ways in which you can enhance it.

Your favourite ornament may be gold with hints of powder pink, for example. Focusing on the pink hue and using it as an accent colour will help you to create an exceptionally elegant and memorable theme. Alternatively, you may have a 1920s vintage dinner service, in which case striking silver candelabras and accents of emerald green might help you to create a classic and timeless aesthetic you and your guests will really enjoy.

Get creative with colour

While it is certainly impossible to go wrong with a traditional colour scheme of reds, golds and greens, incorporating plenty of pretty garlands and white twinkly lights, there is absolutely no reason you can’t experiment with different hues during the holidays.

Adopting an all-white scheme will give your celebrations a contemporary twist, but you can experiment by adding splashes of a more intense colour. Rich purples, elegant blues and vibrant teals will work especially well and can be used within place settings, tree decorations, or even vintage-inspired glassware. Remembering that every colour works beautifully with metallic golds or silvers makes the whole colour selecting process much less daunting, leaving you free to choose something that really reflects your unique style and personality.

Use shapes as accent pieces

Introducing a specific shape throughout your scheme can be a really subtle way of creating sense of consistency and unity. Snowflakes, angels or stars work especially well and can easily be introduced through candle holders, soft furnishings, ornaments, or stockings hung above the fireplace or placed on the coffee table. Avoiding going too overboard is the key to ensuring your scheme looks effortlessly classy and not too overwhelming, but this is a really lovely way to add an extra wintry touch to your celebrations.

It’s all about textures

Texture is key to every design scheme, regardless of the location or time of year. The great news is that there are so many wonderful wintry textures you can utilise within your scheme, from natural materials such twigs and pinecones, which you can decorate with a snow effect or sparkly glitter, to cosy materials such as thick knitted blankets, plump cushions and plush rugs.

Natural textures are the ideal accent feature for every Scandinavian-inspired celebration, with cute wooden reindeer, frosted berry place settings and miniature Christmas trees guaranteed to contribute to a breathtakingly beautiful scheme. In seating areas, make sure not to hold back on the comforting blankets and plush cushions. This cosy retreat will certainly be very well used throughout your celebrations, and ensuring your guests quickly feel at ease within your home will positively influence the ambience and allow engaging conversations to flow naturally.

Mix and match

There are absolutely no rules when it comes to your celebrations and you should not feel compelled to stick with one colour or style. You may begin planning for a silver theme, but half way through find that accents of pale pink add the element of refined femininity you really enjoy. Conversely, you may have decided on a rich green theme but want to put a slightly quirky spin on your celebrations, in which case adding rich brown and orange hues can add the retro twist that really reflects your personality.

Remember that your celebrations should reflect you and your loved ones, so don’t worry if things don’t go entirely to plan!

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