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Common interior design and decorating mistakes to avoid

The dos and don’ts of interior design can be both numerous and complex. Although you should always aim to create a home that suits your style and your lifestyle, this is often easier said than done. Here are four commonly-made interior design mistakes to avoid when decorating your space.

Failing to think long-term

When starting from scratch, it can be tempting to fill your space with necessary items as quickly as possible. You naturally want your house to feel like a home; however, if you are not going for an eclectic aesthetic, it is always worth taking things slowly and spending time figuring out your vision for each room. The same can be said for placement. Freestanding pieces can be moved around easily; conversely, before hanging the TV on the wall in your bedroom, consider whether this is where you will want to be watching TV in six months’ time.

Neglecting the big picture

Getting excited about unique individual pieces is a joy, but it is also important to consider how they will look when they are all together in your home. You might love each piece individually; however, if they do not work well together, you might struggle to enjoy them collectively.

Overfilling your space

Working with the space you have is one of the most important elements of good interior design. If you have a small living room, it is not likely to benefit from being filled with a large sofa, a coffee table, a TV stand and a console table, regardless of how well they all match. If there is a piece you really don't want to part with, you don't have to! There is nothing stopping you from keeping hold of your large sofa but bear in mind that you will need to design around it to ensure your space works for you; for example, you might opt for a glass coffee table that will provide ample surface space without taking up too much visual space.

Impractical design that doesn’t fit your lifestyle

If you love the thought of an all-white home but have an active family or like to regularly host parties, it is important to think about how you can achieve the aesthetic you desire in a way that won’t be an endless source of frustration. While that beautiful rug you have had your eye on for years might not be a wise investment, painting your walls in a crisp white hue and carefully arranging white accessories throughout your space will give you the aesthetic of your dreams without the constant maintenance.

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