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Creating a cosy reading nook
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Creating a cosy reading nook

A cosy reading nook in your home can be the perfect place to escape to after a long day at work or when you are determined to ensure your weekend is as peaceful and relaxing as it can possibly be.

Any space in your home can be turned into a comfortable reading nook, from a sprawling summerhouse in your garden to something as simple as an empty corner of a room. No matter how much space you have to work with, a few simple steps will ensure you will always have your own personal sanctuary to escape to where you will feel relaxed and calm in no time at all.

Choosing the right spot

The most important part is choosing the right location. Make sure you avoid all high-traffic areas of your home, which may provide too many unwanted interruptions; instead, find a spot that is tucked away where you will be able to read and unwind in peace.

A summerhouse outside or a quiet attic space would make an ideal reading locations; however, if you don't have the space for either of these, don't fret! Do you have an alcove or a corner of a room that is empty? With a little imagination and a few soft furnishings, even the simplest of spaces can be transformed into a calm and cosy retreat.

These ideas are not solely reserved for children but if you are creating a reading space for a child, filling a tent with plush pillows or installing some drapes that hang from the ceiling will provide a unique haven away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Comfort in your reading nook is naturally going to be a top priority. If space is not an issue, you can't go far wrong with an oversized armchair and somewhere to put your feet up. You will be so comfortable that you will almost certainly find it difficult to put down your book and step back into reality.

Don't worry if there is no room for a large chair in your space. Simply get creative with a beanbag or a selection of comfortable pillows and cushions. They can be just as cosy and relaxing, whilst also being a lot of fun.

If you want to make more of a statement and create a truly unique reading space, you could install a swing chair suspended from the ceiling. Who wouldn't want to escape into a book whilst sitting in a swing chair?


Lighting is important in every room, as it really helps to set the ambience and gives character to a space. Choosing a location beside a large window will provide lots of natural light throughout the day, which is perfect for reading.

If you do most of your reading at night, or if your reading nook is quite dark, finding the perfect lighting solution is essential. A large floor lamp or a couple of table lamps will always work well within a space; alternatively, if you are looking for something a little cosier, try hanging some fairy lights and lighting a few candles.

Extra additions

If you have the space, having a bookshelf in your reading nook is, of course, ideal. Fill it with your favourite books, books you are looking forward to reading and a stash of magazines. A side table can also be a useful addition, giving you a place to house a table lamp and, importantly, your cup of tea or beverage of choice.

If you are creating a reading space for children, putting up some wall shelves to display a selection of their favourite picture books can add colour and interest to a space. Combine this with plenty of cushions and you will sometimes struggle to entice them away.

Don't forget some extra blankets during the colder months for extra cosiness. Happy reading!

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