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Creating a space of your own
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Creating a space of your own

The reason children like making dens is that it gives them their own space - somewhere within their house or garden they can call their own. As adults, there is still something to be said for a place you can call your own. If you have children, or housemates, you will appreciate this space even more.

We are not suggesting that you get out the blankets and drape them over your dining room table; however, you can create your own cosy corner and make something a little more permanent. This might take the form of a home office, or a study, or even a library - something with a door you can close and perhaps even lock. Not everyone has an extra room they can call their own and a more practical option might be to set aside a corner of the sitting room, bedroom or balcony, or even just your ‘own’ armchair.

Firstly, work out what you want from your space. Do you want to sit and read? If so, you will need a comfortable chair and decent lighting. An armchair is the obvious choice, ideally one you can curl up and get comfy in. How about a footrest to really help you to put your feet up and relax?

Natural daylight is great, but a lamp or lighting is a must; therefore, you will need a plug socket, especially if you are planning on using a tablet or laptop or listening to music. A coffee or side table will be useful for drinks and snacks; after all, you don’t want to keep getting up and down when you are relaxing! Getting absorbed in a book, a piece of music, a newspaper or even a computer game can help you to wind down at the end of a busy, stressful day.

Perhaps you prefer to have no distractions at all. If you are lucky enough to have a room with a view, this is really where your den should be; after all, if you have a sea view or a panoramic view over the country or the city at night, you will want to be able to appreciate it. Sitting looking out of a window with no other distractions can also be incredibly relaxing and clear your mind.

From an emotional perspective, having your own space in which you can relax is very important in our busy lives and can help you to take back a little control.


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