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Creating the perfect sleeping space
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Creating the perfect sleeping space

If our home is our castle, our bedroom is definitely our sanctuary. The perfect sleeping space should be a place to which we escape to relax, rest and sleep. What you find relaxing will vary throughout your life, of course, and the components of the perfect bedroom will vary from person to person.

While teenagers might want poster-covered walls and a games console, parents with young children will just want sleep! For some people, total darkness is the key to a good night’s sleep; indeed, our body’s circadian rhythms function better when we sleep in a dark space but there will be people who can sleep with the thinnest curtains and some who want to be able to gaze out at the night sky. Others will want a space where they can watch TV in bed, or perhaps somewhere they can study.

It is universally accepted that bedrooms should ideally be uncluttered and calming, with minimal interruptions, so turn your phone to silent and turn your laptop or tablet off. Storage, storage and more storage is the answer to clutter problems − if you can store items somewhere else, do so. Having a place for everything will also make cleaning easier − dirty bedrooms are most definitely not calming. Finally, spend a bit of money on a decent mattress and pillow. If the mattress is more than eight years old, you should really think about a new one. Your back will thank you for it.

An emerging trend is for multi-use bedrooms, rather like a hotel bedroom. This might simply mean finding space for an armchair, or a small desk or console table that could double up as a TV stand or dressing table if space is limited. Bedside tables give you somewhere other than the floor to put your glasses, or books, or lamp. Some home owners are moving one step closer to ‘hotel chic’ by installing coffee machines to enable them to have their morning coffee without leaving the room. Perhaps the Teasmade machines of the 1970s and 80s were a good idea after all! If you have a larger bedroom, you can even ‘zone’ your room in the same way you might divide your living space, complete with seating, working or dressing areas.

Colour-wise, feel free to choose whatever you like − it’s your space! Let your room express you as a person; after all, it is a relatively private room and only needs to suit you! Choose colours that make you feel calm. This does not necessarily mean a sea of tasteful neutrals, although for many people this is the preferred option. If you find dark purple or deep red relaxing, go for it. Rich colours are very fashionable at the moment and are appearing in many current design trends.

If you don’t want the colour on your walls, bring your room to life with beautiful bedlinen. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune; however, it is definitely worth buying the best quality you can afford, as it will wash better and last longer. These days bedding is available in just about every colour and design imaginable, whether you want plain, crisp white or Indian-influenced embroidery.

There is no better place than your bedroom for a touch of luxury - there is a reason ‘boudoir’ is one of the most enduring bedroom looks. This harks backs to the Hollywood glamour of the 1950s, with silks, satins, glass, mirrors, fake fur and metallic accessories. Metallics are still big news in interiors and you will find plenty to choose from on the high street. Gold is the metallic shade for 2016 and you will find it, along with copper, silver and brass, in fabrics, wallpapers, china, glassware and even paint finishes.

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