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Decluttering experts say you should remove these things from your home ASAP
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Decluttering experts say you should remove these things from your home ASAP

While minimalism is not a lifestyle for everyone, going through each room in your home and removing things you do not need, want or like anymore can have a hugely positive impact on how your space looks and how you feel. It is safe to say that there is probably nothing decluttering experts have not seen before and here are just a few things the professionals have identified as the most common unnecessary objects that are impeding the organisational potential of our homes.

Redundant electronics

Do you still have that old TV no one uses anymore, your well-loved but now outdated VCR, or your beloved CD player you took everywhere with you until it was replaced by digital downloads? It is also likely that you will have numerous cables that do not power anything you still own, and several unidentifiable remote controls. If you are not going to use them again, now is the time to say farewell.

Old phones and charging equipment

Having a backup phone is not a bad idea; however, if you have more than one sitting in a drawer somewhere, parting with them now is an incredibly easy way to reclaim precious space. With so many ways to recycle old handsets, it is easier than ever before.


Papers can build up seemingly out of nowhere. While it may take a little while to go through and figure out what you need to keep and filter out anything outdated or no longer relevant, you feel much better afterwards and will be able to see your coffee table again! This exercise will be 100 per cent worth it.

Other items to consider

  • Old makeup, toiletries and medication.
  • Mountains of Tupperware.
  • Plastic bags.
  • Magazines and newspapers.
  • Old appliances, computers and hard drives.
  • Excess stationery and craft supplies.
  • Gifts you do not genuinely love.
  • Old clothes, accessories, shoes and coats - and especially odd socks!
  • Anything that does not make you happy.
  • Things you were going to sell but have not got around to.

It is natural to perhaps feel a little uncomfortable or wasteful when decluttering large numbers of items, but shelters and charities will be hugely grateful for your donations. There is no point holding on to things for the sake of it - accepting that they have served their purpose for the time you have had, used and loved them is all part of the decluttering process and your journey to a more organised, calming and clutter-free home.

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