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Decluttering your home: where you should start
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Decluttering your home: where you should start

Minimalism is a lifestyle that suits many people but you certainly don't have to whittle your possessions down to the bare minimum if you don't want to; however, there are benefits to going around your home once or twice a year and parting with things you have outgrown, don't use or no longer enjoy.

The kitchen

As the hub of the home, the kitchens can often be a magnet for clutter; however, this does not need to be the case.


Look through everything hidden away in cupboards and remove anything that is past its use-by date. If you have some items that are still in date but you know you won't use, there are a number of food banks that would be very grateful for your donation.

Many items come with cardboard packaging, which can quickly make a space look cluttered. Purchasing a few inexpensive glass jars with airtight lids can instantly transform your kitchen cupboards, ensuring they look neat and tidy; in addition, your food is likely to last a little longer.

It is always nice to have cutlery and crockery to hand for any dinner parties, but donating extra plates, forks or pans that you never use can quickly free up valuable space.

Fridge and freezer

As with your cupboards, items can linger around for longer than they should. Look for jars in your fridge that have been open for too long and bottles that are almost empty. In your freezer, look for leftovers that you can no longer identify and are unlikely to eat, as this will free up space for things you know you will enjoy.

The bedroom

Your bedroom should ideally be a place of comfort and serenity. An overly-cluttered bedroom can make it more difficult for you to switch off and get a really good night's sleep. Here are a few key areas to look at if decluttering your bedroom is high on your to-do list.

Makeup and toiletries

Toiletries and cosmetic items expire and it is best to look through your collection every six months or so. In addition to looking at the packaging for an indication of a product's shelf life, look out for changes in scent and texture. It can be difficult to part with expensive beauty items; however, using expired products can result in nasty skin reactions and is not worth the risk.

Your wardrobe

It can be so easy to keep adding to your wardrobe until it is full with clothes, shoes and accessories. Taking some time to go through and evaluate what you really love, wear often and feel confident in can quickly highlight items that you could pass on to a friend, sell online or donate to a charity. Odd socks, anything with holes in that can't be repaired and anything that does not fit very well are easy to part with, but some items can be a little more difficult.

Be honest with yourself and put anything you have not worn in the past 12 months onto a pile. This pile may end up containing some items that you still really like; if this is the case, you don't have to get rid of them immediately. Keep them aside and if you still haven't worn them within a certain period of time, it may be time to say goodbye.

Shoes take up a surprising amount of space and it is likely you won't keep every pair in your wardrobe. Go around the house gathering every pair of shoes you own, set them all out in front of you and really consider which you get the most use out of.

Also keep in mind that donating any excess coat hangers can help to curb the temptation to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe when you really don't need to.

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