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Don't make these decluttering errors
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Don't make these decluttering errors

From finding the motivation to tackle piles of letters to removing pieces from your home that no longer bring you joy but may still have a few special memories attached, decluttering can be hard work and an emotional experience. Keep these tips in mind to ensure you can continue to enjoy the rewards of your efforts long into the future!

Falling straight back into old habits

It is incredibly easy to let post pile up on the sideboard or to put all those odds and ends that 'might come in handy one day' into a drawer; however, you are creating additional work for yourself later. It is liberating to know exactly where those important documents and useful objects are so that you can easily locate them when you need them. Make sure you put everything in its proper place as soon as possible, keeping your surfaces tidy and that miscellaneous drawer organised!

Not sharing your new organisational system with family members or housemates

Keeping a home tidy is a task to be shared between all members of the household. If you have created a new area to store shoes or coats, make sure everyone knows and encourage them to get into the habit of automatically tidying them away without having to be reminded.

Not planning future storage options

Files, baskets and boxes are brilliant tools for tidying a space and ensuring things are organised; however, if all these storage solutions are completely full from the get go, you have no room to store any additional items that may make their way into your home.

Over-complicating things

Laying a few organisational ground rules can be helpful; however, if your system becomes too complicated, it will quickly become something everyone will avoid. Your system should never be a hindrance; instead, it should be a quick and easy process that helps you to keep your home tidy without taking up too much time.

Falling into old shopping habits

Replacing broken or worn-out items is perfectly OK; however, if you replace one top you decided to donate with seven new ones, you will quickly find yourself running out of space again. There is nothing wrong with buying new things but instead of putting yourself on a complete shopping ban, why not adopt a ‘one in, one out’ policy? If you come across a new cushion you think will look fabulous on your sofa, think about whether you are willing to part with one of your existing cushions to make room for your new purchase. If the answer is ‘yes’, make the purchase; if the answer is ‘no’, continue to enjoy your current piece until you find something you love even more. Becoming a more conscious shopper will not only ensure your space feels tidy and clutter-free but will also save you money that you can spend on other things!

Not adopting quick cleans

Having a quick five-minute tidy every day is always going to be preferable to having to spend the best part of your Sunday deep cleaning your space. It might seem difficult at first, but it will very quickly become a habit you will complete without even realising.

Not completing the process

The easiest part of decluttering is often placing things you no longer want into a box ready to donate or sell. The process itself feels liberating, but it is not always so easy to remove these things from your space forever. Once you have made your decision to part with something, do not talk yourself back into keeping it - and avoid rooting back through the box!

Not remembering that the process can be completed gradually

Minimalism may be one of the hottest trends in interiors, but you do not have to jump in with both feet immediately. It is important to figure out exactly what you want to achieve from your decluttering process and to make your own rules.


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