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Embracing pattern this autumn and winter
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Embracing pattern this autumn and winter

With simple geometric designs, flamboyant palm leaf displays and almost everything in between surging in popularity, incorporating pattern into our interiors is becoming a design feature a lot more of us are finding ourselves wanting to experiment with.

Patterns and textures are not features we should shy away from. Not only are they often very simple to incorporate into every space and aesthetic but also they can be useful tools for bringing spaces together, creating a sense of cohesion and unity. From emphasising feature colours within an overall scheme to helping to create different zones within one larger space, patterns can elevate your living and sleeping spaces, ensuring every room in your home is comfortable, beautifully designed and never, ever dull.

The centre of attention

If you enjoy keeping most of your space simple and minimal but would like to inject a little more of your personality into your home, introducing a pattern that you really love will act as the anchor of your design, giving the eye something to focus on as it takes in the room as a whole.

Both intricate and large-scale patterns work equally well, especially when paired with simple white or glass furniture. Opt for a bright colour palette if you would like to add a touch of vibrancy to your space; alternatively, if you are not keen on colour, there are plenty of patterns sporting more muted palettes this season. These make their own slightly more subtle and contemporary style statement.


If you are a self-confessed lover of pattern, you might struggle to choose just one to incorporate into you space, and the good news is that you do not have to! For a long time, mixing patterns was a no-no; however, when done correctly, multi-layered design schemes can add just the right amount of personality without looking too over the top.

Mixing and matching works especially well when combining geometric patterns with more organic and free-flowing shapes, and you can be as bold or as subtle as you like. You could, for example, pair a monochrome polka dot rug with soft metallic striped wallpaper and statement palm print bed linen for a unique and put-together sleeping space that does not skimp on personality.

When using multiple patterns within a single room, the key is to incorporate designs of differing scales. Too many intricate details can very quickly look much too overwhelming.

Big and bold

Large-scale floral and palm leaf wallpapers are one of the key design features of the upcoming season. They are bold and beautiful, and can pack plenty of personality into even the smallest of spaces.

If you are going to opt for one of these flamboyant designs, its colour palette is key. Muted tones, such as soft greys and gentle millennial pinks, will help to create a sense of calm and romance; monochrome designs will make the ultimate contemporary style statement; and brighter tones will give a space a real sense of vibrancy and energy.

A consistent and complementary colour scheme throughout the rest of a room will stop even large patterns completely overwhelming a space; however, the most important thing is to have fun with them and choose designs that reflect your personality and your personal style the best.

Subtle statements

Patterns do not have to be busy, used in a large area or even be particularly detailed to make an impact. If you have never dabbled with pattern before, introducing a statement lightshade or a selection of framed artwork will give you a feel for how it can transform a space without jumping straight into a big commitment.

Framing a few pieces of your favourite patterned wallpaper can be an excellent way to make a stylish statement without covering your walls from floor to ceiling. This approach is also extremely versatile, providing the opportunity to change the patterns inside the frames depending on the season, your mood or the occasion.

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