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Every bedroom should have these seven things
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Every bedroom should have these seven things

Your bedroom should be a serene space that helps you to feel calm and relaxed as soon as you step foot inside. It should also be a comfortable place to which you can retreat to at the end of a long and busy day. We have put together a list of seven things that will help you to create a bedroom space that lives up to even your wildest dreams.

1. A high-quality, comfortable mattress

Extravagant and impressive bedframes can add a lot to a bedroom in terms of aesthetics; however, your mattress should always be your priority. This will ensure your body gets the correct support during the night, which can hugely improve the quality of your sleep.

2. The best linen you can afford

When it comes to linens, quality is important. Sleeping with soft duvet covers and blankets will ensure that you feel as cosy and as comfortable as possible all night long. Whether you choose luxurious silks, cool cottons or cosy flannels, make sure you choose a colour or pattern that makes you happy. You can keep things simple and classic with crisp white materials, or add splashes of colour and pattern with throw pillows and blankets.

3. A cosy, stylish rug

Sinking your toes into a soft, cosy rug is instantly comforting and, let’s be honest, it is much more appealing than stepping out of bed and pressing your toes onto a chilly wooden floor, especially throughout the winter months. Again, you can keep things simple with a solid colour or make more of a statement with a geometric or traditional pattern.

4. Useful bedside tables

Bedside tables need to have enough space to comfortably house everything you need, from a table lamp that emits a warm, cosy glow to a cold glass of water and a great book. Their style totally depends on your personal taste - keep things traditional with rich wood tones or opt for a sleek, modern aesthetic with all-glass designs. A table with drawers will provide more space, and keeping your table tops looking tidy and organised will help to keep the whole room’s atmosphere calm and serene.

5. A comfortable place to sit

If you have the space for a stylish armchair or a chic bench, having somewhere you can put on your shoes or flip through your favourite magazine can elevate your bedroom into something that looks and feels a little more special. This also means that your bed is reserved solely for sleeping and it will feel like more of a treat when you finally get to slip between the sheets and get some rest.

6. Imagery

Whether it is your favourite painting or an elegantly-framed family portrait, having some imagery within your bedroom design will add personality and make you smile before you go to sleep and as soon as you wake up. When you are surrounded by your favourite objects and reminders of some of your happiest memories, you will feel calm, relaxed and content, which is exactly what you need to sleep well every night.

7. Minimal technology

Whether you want a television in your bedroom space is entirely a personal choice. Some people dislike having any form of technology within their sleeping space; however, if catching up with the news or your favourite TV show over breakfast in bed is one of your weekend rituals, there is no reason why you should have to stop. Avoiding your phone or computer immediately before bedtime will improve the quality of your sleep; therefore, we recommend relaxing with a good book or your favourite magazine for 30 minutes before switching the lights out to help you on your way to the land of nod.

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