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Five of the most uplifting colours for a joyful home
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Five of the most uplifting colours for a joyful home

In addition to being a visual way to outwardly reflect our personalities and tastes, colours can affect how we feel in a variety of different ways. You may find certain shades evoke memories of happy times, or simply find yourself naturally drawn to hues that instil feelings of joy for no identifiable reason. Here are the top five colours identified by researchers that can ensure your space is a positive and uplifting place in which to spend time.


We have been talking about Pantone’s colour of the year a lot, and this is because we genuinely love everything it can do for a space. The notion of bringing the outside in has been enduringly popular because it promotes a sense of connection, helping us to feel grounded and content within our living spaces.

Rich greens reflect nature and will help to create a soothing and relaxing environment in which to rest and recharge, whereas bold green shades are lively and can provide the push we need to go for something without letting distractions get in the way. Shades of green can so easily be mixed and matched as they are in nature, with pops of delicate violet or earthy stone background colours pulling everything together into one harmonious space.


The colour of romance, soft sensuality and generosity, it is really no surprise that so many of us feel contented, relaxed and optimistic when surrounded by shades of pink. Pink tones can very easily reduce the sense of space within a room, which is why these shades work best in rooms that experience plenty of natural light.

Choosing the correct hue is so important. Light and pastel pinks are soft and romantic, providing a sense of warmth and thoughtfulness that works beautifully within living and sleeping spaces. More vibrant pink tones are energetic and lively, suiting dining spaces beautifully and providing the perfect backdrop for friends to gather and for families to catch up after a busy day.


Pantone knows its colours. When it officially assigned an airy blue shade akin to the sky on a warm summer’s day as the colour of optimism, we could not possibly disagree. Blue is also the shade of serenity and calm, and can somehow bottle the feeling of watching the sea softly lapping against the shoreline on a weekend away. Research has found that productivity levels can soar in blue spaces, perhaps because we generally work better when we do not feel stressed or overwhelmed.

Blues with warm undertones will prevent your space feeling unwelcoming or cold. When paired with similar tones, hints of grey and crisp white highlights can even help your room to feel much larger and airier.


When you think of red, it is likely that confidence is one of the first words that comes to mind. Reflecting a real passion for life, red shades quickly captivate the attention and provide an energetic and vibrant atmosphere within a space.

Red living spaces tend to instantly feel both opulent and warm, providing a welcoming ambience that is especially strong in the colder months - especially when used in a room with a beautiful fireplace.


We are sure you already knew yellow would feature on this list; in fact, you may already be dreaming of sandy beaches, sunshine-filled afternoons and bunches of beautiful sunflowers. Bright and happy imagery aside, there is a scientific reason you might find your spirits lifted when surrounded by yellow. Research suggests it could release serotonin, which adds to our overall sense of wellbeing.

Yellow can be a tricky colour to style, as too much can look overpowering and too little can easily be lost. Whether you are drawn to a light or bright hue, yellow accents work especially well against grey tones and create a contemporary and calming environment that always feels vibrant, joyful and full of life.

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