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Five reasons why you should consider florals for your home this spring/summer
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Five reasons why you should consider florals for your home this spring/summer

Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada is almost certainly spot on when she says that florals for spring are not exactly groundbreaking; however, as a great floral pattern can brighten up a room or add a hint of mysterious etherealness, discounting spring blooms altogether would be a huge mistake.

1. Be as subtle or as bold as you want

Whether you have an entire wall that is crying out for some beautiful wallpaper or you just want to add a few cushions to give your sofa a new lease of life this season, a floral pattern could be just the thing to brighten up your space and add some extra colour and personality.

2. Now is the ideal time to unleash your creativity

Do you have some wallpaper offcuts or samples laying around? Why not put them to good use and cover the inside of a bookshelf or make some fun floral coasters for your coffee table? You could also dig out the paints, get the children involved and create some beautifully unique floral artwork to frame, which will refresh your walls and create some fun happy memories for you to look back on together. You do not have to be the world’s best artists - just have fun with it!

3. Shabby chic or vintage glamour: florals can do both and so much more!

When you think of spring florals, soft white backgrounds and brightly-coloured petals may initially spring to mind; however, these beautifully bloomy patterns have much more to offer. With everything from minimal, delicate botanical illustrations and renaissance era floral paintings with their rich, deep backgrounds to modern and vintage-inspired designs such as those from Orla Kiely, there is a floral for everyone.

4. Embrace matchy-matchy or enjoy juxtaposition

You will make an impact with papered walls and matching curtains or by mixing and matching different clashing patterns, but you do not need to already have an element of floral design within your home to jump aboard the flower train! Juxtaposing unexpected floral patterns against chic minimal designs with geometric shapes and straight lines, or industrial spaces with rich exposed brickwork and shiny metallic accessories, is just as stunning.

5. What was once chintzy and dated is now edgy and modern

Styles always come back around, so now is the time to bring down your grandparents’ old floral chair from the attic and unpack that tea set that has been sitting in a box for 10 years. It is their time to shine once again and you will really enjoy seeing them every day!

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