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Five simple additions that make a bedroom feel luxurious and relaxing
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Five simple additions that make a bedroom feel luxurious and relaxing

Interior designers have many - often very simple - tips and tricks that can make a huge difference to a room up their sleeves. Small details work together to make a room look beautifully designed, feel relaxing and remain functional.


If there is one feature in a bedroom that can make a big difference to how the space feels, it is a headboard. With so many different designs available, there is something to fit the aesthetic of every room. For a bedroom with relaxing blue walls and neutral fabrics, a natural wood headboard can really bring the space together. A padded and fabric-covered headboard can become the central feature of a room and can add an element of sumptuousness and cosiness, depending on the fabric chosen.

Soft furnishings

Think throws, pillows and cushions - and lots of them! Casually draping a cosy blanket over a chair instantly creates a place for you to curl up and read as you unwind after a busy day. Layering lots of plump pillows and cushions on your bed can sometimes feel like a chore when you have to arrange them every morning; however, it is worth the effort as the different textures add so much interest to a space. Knitted materials will add a cosy feel, with satins or velvets creating an opulent and luxurious atmosphere.

Clear or mirrored furniture

Retaining a sense of space and airiness in a bedroom is so important. You don’t ever want to overwhelm the space, as it will instantly cease to feel relaxing and your sleep may be affected. It is likely you will also feel less tempted to have too many items out on display, as the clean lines of clear or mirrored furniture speak for themselves.


There is a lot to be said for simplicity; however, incorporating pattern, even in a subtle way, can take a room from plain to luxurious in a matter of seconds. Pattern can be introduced in small pieces such as bedside lampshades or larger elements such as curtains or bedding. Patterns do not have to be garish with lots of loud colours to make a statement; for example, a pale design on a base of snow white can add so much detail.


An oversized shade on your ceiling light will always add a touch of opulence to a room. Be sure to use light bulbs that emit a warm glow to really amp up that cosy and inviting atmosphere and you will be feeling relaxed in no time.

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