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Cleaning a Glass Table

Cleaning a Glass Table

Along with pointers on how to treat your glass furniture and keep the product  presented  at its best, we hope this section will be of much use and interest.

How to Keep a Glass Table Clean

It is no coincidence that, glass as a material, is used so much in manufacturing furniture for modern and contemporary environments. Our wide range of tables are showcased by the glass itself, presenting these items as exquisite pieces of furniture will take pride of place in any home.

There is no secret to the fact that in order to keep your furniture looking at its best, you will need to keep it clean. That's why we've provided a few pointers which may help you keep the product presented at its best.

There are a number of glass cleaners, both commercial on the market and homemade. The simplest homemade glass cleaning formulae is half water and half white vinegar. This cleans extremely well without streaking, is inexpensive to make but traces of vinegar odour are inevitable. Commercial glass cleaners are aplenty, these will remove the common marks that are left on glass, fingerprints, grease etc and won't leave streaks.

However it is important to note that cleaners are only a part of the solution. The type of cloth you use plays as big a part in the process and it is best to use lint free cloths. Do not let the cloth become too damp because if it cannot absorb all the cleaner from the surface, streaks may be left.

Other ideas which could almost be classed as preventative measures to preserve the look of your glass furniture are:

  • Use coasters for cups or glasses, hot or cold, to protect the glass surface from any heat and getting damp attracting dirt.
  • If you are serving food at the table, use place mats for the same reason. Be very careful where hot items and food come into contact with the glass as these could damage the surface finish.
  • Avoid the tables being used as a dumping ground for any number of items. This can easily lead to the glass being scratched accidently.
  • If you are accessorising any table, take care to place the item on a protective coaster as even the slightest movement could scratch the glass surface.

To protect and preserve the stunning look that our glass furniture will have in your home is surely worth it!

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