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How to buy art for your home that suits your space
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How to buy art for your home that suits your space

A well-chosen piece of art can transform your space, unifying your furnishings and accessories and creating a sense of coherence, style, personality and fun. A beautifully-framed print in your home’s entryway can establish a feeling of your own personal style; a stylish canvas in your living room can add splashes of colour; and an abstract painting can create a calming atmosphere within your sleeping space.

Choosing a piece of art can be a difficult decision, especially if you are looking at investing in a unique piece. As this is something you are going to look at every day, you will naturally want it to be something that both suits your space and you truly love. Here are three things to closely consider.


A piece of art should be one of the main focal points of your space. You should generally avoid areas that experience a lot of direct sunlight to ensure that your artwork won’t fade over time, while carefully measuring the space you have available and closely considering the dimensions of your ideal piece of artwork is one of the most important things you can do.

If you have a large wall, think about whether you would prefer one large piece or whether collecting a few smaller pieces for a gallery wall fits better with your personal style. If you are not sure, carefully attaching pieces of newspaper or coloured paper to your chosen wall can give you a clearer idea of how a piece of art could look within your space.


Do you love bright, bold colours, or do you prefer a softer colour palette? This is very important to keep in mind, as you may come across a piece with a subject that appeals to you but the colour palette is not something you can imagine looking at every single day. You should not settle for something that is not completely perfect.

The medium is also something to think about as you are browsing galleries, whether online or in person, or flipping through interior magazines. Start making a note of pieces that initially stand out to you and it is likely that you will begin to understand mediums and styles that fit well with your personal taste.

The artist

Falling in love with a piece of art on a purely aesthetic level has value, but understanding more about the artist and their motivations behind creating a piece can enhance your feelings and transform it into something even more special and meaningful.

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