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How to select the right colour scheme for you and your home
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How to select the right colour scheme for you and your home

With so many shades and hues to choose from, introducing colour into your home can be a daunting prospect. Colour’s ability to transform the feeling of a space is unbeatable and the good news is that deciding on a colour scheme for your home does not have to be difficult or overwhelming.

Consider your personality and how you want each room to feel

Colour can be an incredibly powerful tool for reflecting your personality; it can also impact how you feel. Your favourite colour might be bright red; however, if you use such a bold hue within a home office, for example, your space might feel overpowering and not as conducive to the creation of a calm atmosphere in which you can complete each work day positively and productively. Understanding how different colours will affect the feeling of your room is important in ensuring your space feels the way you hoped it would before embarking on the design process.

In a dining space, for example, it is likely that you will want your guests to feel comfortable and relaxed. Here you could choose a bold red shade, which is said to stimulate our appetites and create a lively atmosphere that naturally encourages conversation; alternatively, you could opt for a slightly softer pink hue, which evokes feelings of contentment and is perfect for a relaxed evening in with your friends and family.

Monochrome can be hugely effective, but don’t be afraid of colour

The intelligent application of monochromatic interiors can look stunning; however, when they are not quite perfect, they run the risk of looking a little lacklustre. Colour can very easily add an element of excitement and interest and can be an excellent way of demonstrating your creativity by injecting your own sense of style into your home.

Combining colour and neutral tones is an ideal way to practise curating a space that really reflects your life and your personality, and you can do this in a variety of ways. If you want to maintain a fresh and bright ambience, keeping your walls white and introducing colourful accessories is a wonderful way to experiment. Alternatively, if you are keen to create a bold aesthetic, choose a colourful wall colour before beginning to introduce classic, neutral-toned pieces of furniture and accessories.

The colours you choose do not necessarily have to match; however, ensuring they complement each other will result in the creation of an interesting space that tells a story and directs the eye towards key features and architectural details.

Careful placement of colour

Avoiding overwhelming your space is hugely important. Introducing too many colours or clashing patterns can confuse the eye and result in an unbalanced and confusing space. Similarly, you do not want to spend time carefully choosing a colour only for it to end up lost amongst your choices of furniture and accessories.

Balance is key. If you opt for an intricate patterned wallpaper or unique colour effect on your walls, keeping your furniture simple with a glass coffee table and streamlined seating options will ensure each feature is not constantly competing for the eye’s attention. Alternatively, if you have decided to keep your walls neutral, experimenting with colour, pattern and texture within the rest of your space will keep things interesting.

One cohesive home

The creation of a cohesive home does not mean that each room needs to look the same or incorporate the same family of colours. It is certainly possible to theme each room entirely differently and still have them all work together precisely because they each reflect a facet of your personality. Using complementary colours in adjacent rooms will ensure that the journey throughout your home makes sense both visually and atmospherically and will evoke positive and welcoming feelings, resulting in an environment you are proud of, feel comfortable with, and really want to spend as much time as possible within.

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