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How to use wallpaper creatively in your home
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How to use wallpaper creatively in your home

If you want to inject some colour or pattern into a room, wallpaper may become your new best friend. With so many different designs, finishes and styles, there is a wallpaper to suit every taste and every home; in addition, browsing the selection of designs available can often provide the initial burst of inspiration that will form the foundations of the vision you have for your space. It is also incredibly versatile, which means you don't have to use it in the conventional way.

Make an impact

Large designs, especially those that look like a mural or vast piece of art when on the wall, can dramatically change the entire feeling of a space. Large, brightly-coloured designs work especially well within spaces for children, instantly injecting a feeling of fun; however, don’t be afraid to experiment with colour and pattern within your own living spaces!

Go geometric

Rooms packed with personality are replacing the clean, minimal aesthetic that has dominated the design sphere. Geometric wallpaper designs incorporate the best of both worlds, with the modern lines creating a feeling of continuity in dynamic and vibrant ways. Even the most basic geometric patterns do not have to feel too safe or simplistic, as you can add further interest to a space by choosing a design that incorporates different textures and colours.

Choose contrast

Designs that make the most of a contrast between rigid geometric patterns and a pretty pastel colour palette are going to be particularly popular throughout 2017. Working beautifully within a bright garden room or dining room, these styles create a feeling of freshness in an interesting and modern way. For an added pop of luxury and brightness, choose a design with a touch of metallic silver or gold running through it, which will look beautiful when the light catches it.

Reflect your personality

Do you really love books, or flora and fauna? If so, why not choose a wallpaper that reflects your interests for the ultimate personalised home office or living area? You should always aim to surround yourself with the things in life you truly love and there is absolutely no reason your wallpaper can’t be a part of this process.

Incorporate woodwork

White or plain wooden skirting boards and trims are always lovely, but try painting your woodwork in a colour that features heavily within your chosen wallpaper design to achieve a more modern and contemporary aesthetic. If you are feeling really daring, choosing a contrasting colour for your skirting boards can instantly give a space the wow factor.

Embrace opulence

Designs featuring lots of deep colours with accents of shimmery metallic often work beautifully in bedrooms or bathrooms. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary to retreat to at the end of a long day and you will almost feel as though the room is enveloping you within a luxurious, sumptuous and highly sophisticated atmosphere as soon as you step inside - you won't want to leave in a hurry!

Think outside the box

If you are not sure about committing to wallpapering an entire room, why not cover your wardrobe doors or some smaller storage solutions with your favourite wallpaper design? You could also transform a single piece of wallpaper by filling a large format frame or mounting it onto a wooden panel to hang on the wall.

You could even begin to explore ways to incorporate wallpaper into rooms in which you would not usually expect to see it. Experimenting is one of the best parts of interior design and exploring your own creativity can lead to interesting and innovative designs that perfectly reflect your personality; for example, instead of using traditional tiles, you could use wallpaper as a backsplash in your kitchen. Installing a clear sheet of plexiglass over the top is all you will need to prevent spills and staining and ensure its longevity, and it will quickly become an interesting conversation starter.

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