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Interior design for your star sign
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Interior design for your star sign

Whether you are an avid follower of astrology or mildly curious, you may learn something about your design preferences from your star sign.


Enthusiastic and animated, you might find yourself drawn to clean modern lines and light neutral tones if you are an Aries. This does not mean your space has to be a colour-free zone, however, as the neutrals you enjoy will work well amongst brighter hues to soften them and create a cohesive and unified design.


With passionate natures, Taureans find comfort amongst rustic features, with lots of natural textures and warm tones. If you are a Taurus with a collection of shells and stones from locations you have visited that mean something to you, arranging them on a wooden shelf makes an ideal design feature you will really enjoy.


Geminis are often creative and imaginative, finding themselves subconsciously attracted to creating balance through a subtle duplication of certain key accessories. If, for example, you have two ceiling lights in one space, choosing to use two of the same statement shades will create both balance and personality in a charmingly unique way.


Although you will be drawn to comforting and cosy ambiences, character is also important because it allows you to visually reflect your complex and sensitive demeanour. Cleverly combining a few distinct styles within one space will create the unique ambience you are looking for, perfectly illustrating the different facets of your personality within your home.


Leos are bold and vivacious, finding entertaining spaces particularly important. A large open-plan cooking, dining and entertaining space works especially well for the Leo lifestyle, with the introduction of warm and earthy tones helping to create the welcoming and comfortable ambience imperative for an animated get-together with loved ones.


Clean lines and stability are important for Virgos, who are naturally caring with a slight penchant for perfectionism. You are likely to find yourself naturally drawn to simple, minimalistic spaces that benefit from plenty of natural light. Look for geometric shapes, grey hues, and plenty of light-reflecting glass furniture.


Libras love balance and have a keen eye for colour, texture and shape. An ideal way to achieve a well-composed aesthetic is to choose one central piece - perhaps a sofa, coffee table or statement rug - before building the rest of the room around this important anchoring piece.


Scorpios appreciate interiors with areas to socialise in and places to retreat to. Relish the chance to create a welcoming living area with plenty of seating options, such as a large sofa on which to catch up with friends, a cosy loveseat on which to watch movies with your partner, and a comfortable chair in which to curl up with a good book on a rainy afternoon.


With an adventurous spirit, Sagittarians often love nothing more than displaying the objects and photographs they have collected throughout their travels. Open-plan shelving is an ideal addition to the home of every Sagittarian, providing plenty of space to visually represent your inquisitive personality.


While Capricorns undoubtedly have a serious side, they also value comfortable spaces that lend themselves well to a variety of different occasions. Open-plan interiors provide the space for Capricorns to create a calm ambience that can also be easily transformed into a warm retreat when filled with friends and effervescent conversation.


If you are an Aquarius, it is likely that chic modern elegance makes your heart sing. Understated design never looks or feels too overwhelming and provides enough space for both calming clarity and the enjoyment of your unique interests.


Desiring comfort and warmth, having a space in which it is possible to make a plethora of happy memories with loved ones is common among Pisceans. A dining space large enough to accommodate all your friends for dinner is likely to be a must-have, and you will certainly have enough comfortable chairs on hand for everyone!

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