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Join the decluttering revolution
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Join the decluttering revolution

Decluttering is having a 'moment' right now, mainly down to the KonMari method. This might mean nothing at all to you; however, it is the approach championed by Japanese organising consultant and author Marie Kondo, who has written four - yes, four! - best-selling books on the subject. While it may seem a little crazy that books about being tidy can hit the top of the booklists, her fans are wildly enthusiastic and almost evangelical about the method; therefore, we thought we would take a look into the world of decluttering for the first in an occasional series on the subject.

Firstly, you might wonder what on earth the fuss is about. The premise is that being organised and tidy can change your life; in Kondo’s words, it can bring you joy. If your home is a cluttered, chaotic mess, the chances are that it won’t be bringing you joy at all!

You don’t have to buy the books to join in the decluttering frenzy, although there are lots of books on the subject and plenty of professional ‘organisers’ should you want someone else to do it for you; however, it has to be said that there is something very satisfying about having a good clean out.

If decluttering your home appears to be an overwhelming task, start small and pick just one task. A really good place to start is with your clothes, as a tidy wardrobe can be very satisfying! You could start by sorting out your winter and summer clothes and putting the winter items away in the loft/under a bed/in a cupboard.

While you are doing this, throw out the clothes you did not wear last winter or last summer and bag them up for charity. The items you want to keep can go in a vacuum bag or plastic box and can be stored until the autumn. It might be a bit optimistic but you can probably put away the warmest of your winter coats, especially if they are taking up space on hooks in the hall or the cloakroom.

If you have a family, and while you are on a roll, how about tackling the children’s clothes? Take out the items they have outgrown or that they don’t wear - it is entirely up to you whether you do this while they are out!

If you are feeling really brave, how about tackling the shoe rack next?

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