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Last minute preparations for your festive gathering
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Last minute preparations for your festive gathering

Having the opportunity to spend time with family and friends is easily one of the best things about the holiday period. If you are hosting a few family gatherings over the coming weeks, it is likely that your preparations are already in full swing.

Planning for any event can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task; however, a little careful scheduling will remove all planning-related stress and leave you free to ensure that you will be able to fully enjoy every moment with your nearest and dearest.

Give your flooring some TLC

Our floors contend with a considerable amount of footfall throughout everyday life, and this is something that will only be exacerbated if you are hosting an array of festive gatherings during the busy holiday season. The good news is that giving your flooring some TLC is not a difficult task.

Thoroughly mopping your hardwood floors with an appropriate cleaning solution, or hiring a carpet cleaner for an afternoon to effectively shampoo every speck of dust out of your carpets, is all it takes to ensure your flooring is sparklingly clean and looking as fresh as the day it was first installed. This task is more than worth the time investment required, as you will be able to enjoy the results well into the New Year and beyond.

Polish your silverware

It is time to dig out your posh cutlery and ensure it positively sparkles in time for you to put together your festive glass table arrangement. While you are in the mood, don’t forget to polish any candlesticks, picture frames, mirrors, or decorations that deserve to sparkle.

Have your oven professionally cleaned

Booking a professional oven clean once or twice a year is something we recommend, regardless of whether you are hosting a family gathering. Battling against a build-up of grease and grime yourself always tends to be a considerable time investment; however, hiring a professional will ensure that you will be able to focus on another important task and feel confident that your oven will be sparkling and 100 per cent ready to help you serve up an array of delicious dishes for your guests.

Have an end-of-year declutter

We all tend to accumulate various things throughout the year. These do not seem to make much of an impact on how our spaces look until it is time to dig out the decorations, only to find that there is nowhere to put them. Taking each piece individually, it is worth asking yourself whether you have used or appreciated it within the last six months; if the answer is no, it is probably time to pass it on to someone who will get more enjoyment or use out of it. You will probably be pleasantly surprised at how much extra space you will gain from an end-of-year clear out, and it will be somewhat refreshing to know that you will be going into the New Year free from unnecessary clutter.

Clean every available surface in advance

Surface space is always in high demand over the festive period. Knowing you have given everywhere a once-over with a cloth and the appropriate cleaning product for the surface material following your end-of-year declutter will ensure you won’t have to worry about running out of space or having to dig out your duster before you can set down a platter of fresh-out-of-the-oven pigs in blankets.

Fill your home with festive scents

There is a reason homeowners fill their kitchens with the scent of freshly-baked bread when trying to sell their property. Scents help to establish an ambience; therefore, introducing some festive scents into your home will provide the finishing touch in time for your gathering. Subtle notes of pine and cedar make perfect additions to bathrooms and downstairs toilets, while warming cinnamon and clove scents provide a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in entryways and social spaces.

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