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Make way for colour
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Make way for colour

The weather is not showing too many signs of spring just yet; however, lighter mornings and the appearance of daffodils, crocuses, blossom and snowdrops reassure us that spring is on the way. We think now is the perfect time of year to look at injecting spring colour into your home and reintroducing some warmth after the dark days of winter.

Mellow yellows

Probably the colour that most sums up spring, yellow is the colour of daffodils, Easter chicks and, of course, sunshine. From the palest primrose yellows through to rich ochres and gold, paint manufacturer Dulux has even chosen Cherished Gold, which is a soft ochre, as its colour of the year. This shade immediately adds warmth and light to a room and is fantastic if you don’t have much direct sunlight coming into your room, as it warms the bluish tones of daylight.

Yellow contrasts beautifully with white and grey for a cool, retro, 1950s-influenced colour scheme, or trying mixing ochres with dark blues and navy for a richer, opulent look. Add a vase of yellow spring flowers such as daffodils or tulips for a real touch of spring.

Admittedly it is not the most pet- and child-friendly colour, however, so make sure those new cushions are machine washable and choose a paint in a durable, wipeable finish, as fingerprints and dirt will really show up!

Spring green

Greens are associated with vitality and serenity and there is plenty of green around with the current trend for floral and botanical prints and patterns. Brighter, stronger greens work best, as light pastel greens can look a bit ‘hospital corridor’; however, these stronger shades do require a little courage if you are using them on the walls.

If you don’t fancy going down the paint route, take a look at the soft furnishing and accessories available. As with yellows, greens contrast beautifully with white if you are after a fresh, light colour scheme, whereas darker shades echo the trend for rich Victorian-inspired trends and Liberty- or William Morris-style textiles.

Blue skies

Fresh light blues make us think of summer skies and the seaside. These shades are always a popular choice, whether a sky blue, aquamarine or turquoise. If you don’t have a sun-filled room, go for a shade with a yellow, warm base to maximise the glow of natural sunlight, as the reddish-blues can be rather cold and will make a room feel cooler. If this means nothing to you, have a look at paint company websites for guidance - most have very useful guides on selecting colours.

If fresh and light really isn’t your thing, look towards darker shades of teal or navy. Mix these with white, light neutrals and pale wood if you are looking for a seaside, nautical theme, or team with greys and golds for a more dramatic approach. You will also find plenty of blue crockery and glassware available on the high street.

Soft pastels

If brighter colours really aren’t your thing, how about the softer colours of spring? Whether the palest apple blossom or a stronger cherry, shades of pink are currently enjoying a bit of a ‘thing’ in the world of interiors and have definitely broken free of the ‘girls’ bedrooms only’ definition.

If you don’t like pink, have a look at lilacs, baby blues or peach. Pale can definitely be interesting and these pastel shades work really well if you pick out a stronger version as an accent, perhaps in your curtains or cushions. This will give a sense of definition and interest to your colour scheme and prevent it appearing too wishy-washy.


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