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Making a feature of your fireplace, even if you dont have a real fire
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Making a feature of your fireplace, even if you dont have a real fire

A room with a fireplace always has a set focal point. It can be difficult to make the rest of the room feel cohesive if you don’t love the way your fireplace looks, which is why spending a little time embracing and styling your fireplace can make such a big impact.

Made for the mantelpiece

When styling a mantelpiece, arranging items of different heights will add interest and attract attention for all the right reasons. If you don’t have a large statement mirror or piece of art above your fireplace, you are free to add objects of all sizes. Collect together a few of your favourite items and experiment with placement. Placing the largest item slightly off centre is a small, unexpected touch, but one that will ensure everything looks balanced.

Your mantelpiece can be the perfect place to showcase your collection of art pieces and framed family photographs. Different frames will add an eclectic feel, attract the eye and be a real conversation starter. Other staple mantelpiece objects include stacks of books, candlesticks and sculptures; however, you should always choose objects that you enjoy looking at, as they will be taking pride of place in your room.

A place to relax

Placing a comfortable armchair with a warm knitted blanket draped over the arm or a relaxing rocking chair beside your fireplace will instantly make your space feel cosier; in addition, you will always have a place to curl up and wind down after a long day.

Fireplace accessories will add to the warm and comfortable ambience. A beautiful fire screen will add an extra layer of interest in addition to ensuring that you don’t get too warm when you are sitting in your chair. It will also keep children and pets safe from the flames.


A fireplace without a fire

For one reason or another, your fireplace may not contain a fire and you definitely don’t have to invest in one to make your fireplace look beautiful. There are a number of things you can place in your fireplace alcove and this is a real opportunity to unleash your creativity. Stacking logs is a really popular idea but you could also stack your favourite books, hang some twinkly fairy lights or install a shelf to display more of your favourite objects.

Alternatively, this could be the perfect place to introduce some greenery, with a plant or bouquet of flowers in a beautiful vase adding a splash of colour and life to your space.


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