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Our top tips for keeping your glass items sparkling and streak-free
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Our top tips for keeping your glass items sparkling and streak-free

Glass tables, mirrors and other accessories can very easily brighten up your home, providing both storage and interest whilst ensuring your space never looks too overwhelming or cluttered. Glass always looks at its best when sparklingly clean, and the good news is that keeping your pieces looking this way is both quick and incredibly easy.


In addition to looking stylish and contemporary, glass tables are very robust; however, as with any piece of furniture, taking a few simple steps to protect them from general wear and tear will help you to keep that sparkling finish for longer. Taking care to use coasters for drinks, plants or flowers will help to protect against water stains, while ensuring you are careful with decorative ornaments and keys will help you to avoid minor scrapes and scratches.

Avoid soapy cleaning products and kitchen roll

It may be tempting to reach for washing up liquid or another product that produces lots of suds; however, these can very easily leave behind stubborn residue that can make your glass look cloudy and streaky. Similarly, although kitchen roll is great for mopping up spills, it will often leave behind lots of tiny white fibres that stick stubbornly to your surface.

Microfibre cloths

Your first step should be to gently wipe your glass surfaces with a microfibre cloth. This will remove larger particles of dust or dirt, avoid smears and streaks, and ensure you are not left with any lint or residual marks to clean away.

50/50 water and white vinegar solution

Vinegar is present within many commercial glass cleaners because it cuts through grease and dirt efficiently and effectively. It is also incredibly simple to make your own with a 50/50 mixture of distilled white vinegar and water. All you have to do is mix them together in a spray bottle and you have your own affordable, natural glass cleaner that is ready to tackle even the most stubborn areas of dirt or grease.

Spray directly onto your glass surface and then buff using a microfibre cloth or a piece of crumpled newspaper for an ultra-shiny finish. We recommend wearing a pair of gloves to avoid inky hands, but newspaper won’t leave any streaks or stains on your glass!

A lemon alternative

The scent of vinegar is certainly not for everyone; fortunately, very similar results can be achieved with the juice of a fresh lemon. Simply pour some pure lemon juice onto the surface you would like to clean, give it a quick wipe, and buff with a microfibre cloth to secure a sparkling result.

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