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Paint it black
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Paint it black

Black paint is probably mostly associated with the bedrooms of grumpy teenagers and goths; however, black is having a bit of a revival. After all, people are much more comfortable with dark grey these days and it is just a few small steps down the shade ladder to black.

An entirely black room is probably still reasonably uncommon; however, used with a lighter hand (so to speak), black can be used with great success, whether you go for a flat matt finish or the more light-friendly gloss.

You have to be careful with black, of course. It looks great contrasted against white and light greys but it does require very good painting skills, with every mistake showing up. No slacking on the preparation can be afforded here! In small spaces black can be rather overwhelming and you really need to be sure you are going to like it, as it will take many coats of paint to get rid of it if you don’t!

Pick out a detail in your room, which can be as small or large as you like depending on the sense of drama you want to create. Good examples include a fireplace surround or behind some shelves on the wall. A black handrail going up the stairs, or the stair posts, or even the stairs themselves will look striking without being too intrusive in smaller spaces. If you feel like using black in a more unexpected way, you could paint your interior doors or your walls; alternatively, if you are really bold and have high ceilings, how about black paint on the ceiling?

Black sofas and chairs are much more familiar territory and tend to fade into the background. Bring them to life with brightly-contrasting cushions. White looks sharp but is hard to keep clean, so go for a more ‘dirt-friendly’ shade if you prefer.

If you have lighter furniture, you can add black cushions. To avoid a flat dull look, mix up textures with furs, sequins, embroidery or textured fabrics for a luxurious and sophisticated look.

What about black and white photos or artwork? Monochrome photos have a really timeless appeal, even if it is just a black and white photo of you clowning around on the beach. Framed in black, these look great on a white wall. Group them together to make your own display. If they are all black and white or in black frames, they will look stylish rather than cluttered.

If this still hasn’t convinced you to go over to the dark side, use charcoal grey instead for a similar impact with less of the ‘goth’.

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