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Polka dots
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Polka dots

Straight lines and angular shapes make up a large part of interior design, which is why circles and shapes with rounded edges work so well in breaking up what would otherwise be a very linear space.

Polka dots can add an element of fun to a room but don't have to remain solely reserved for children's bedrooms; instead, they can easily be incorporated into a variety of spaces in a chic and sophisticated way that does not look too youthful or naïve.

Bed linen and cushions

Mix polka dots with stripes and solid colours in similar hues for a playful and comfortable atmosphere. Small polka dots will ensure the space continues to feel refined and sophisticated.

There is something inherently youthful about large polka dots and incorporating them into a sophisticated and grown up space makes for an interesting juxtaposition.

A collection of oversized cushions can add a quirky element to a room that makes a big statement, while subtle pieces can give a room the balance it needs. A singular polka dot cushion can work well when mixed with a variety of other patterns. Neither will look too overwhelming, as they will balance each other out - especially if they are placed against a plain white or otherwise neutral background.


Your choice of flooring can make a big statement and act as a unifying feature of a space. Incorporating small polka dots into your design can add an ambience of refined fun. This won't look as overwhelming as an intricate pattern but will make more of an impact than something plain or neutral.

If you are nervous about investing a substantial amount of money in a floor that you are not sure you will love for the foreseeable future, purchasing a rug can be a great way to play with pattern without long-term commitment.


A collection of haphazardly-placed, multi-coloured polka dots can be the perfect addition to the walls of a bedroom for a young child; however, this does not mean they can't also adorn the walls of a chic living space that the whole family can enjoy. Orderly lines of circles in a neutral colour add an element of interest without having to opt for a wallpaper with a complicated or overwhelming pattern.

Small elements

Polka dots can also make an impact when used in small areas. You could try upholstering a side chair in a polka dot fabric, paint a plant pot to sit in the corner of a room, or even get creative and produce your own unique polka dot canvases.

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