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Pop goes the colour
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Pop goes the colour

We've looked at bringing colour into your home with paint and wallpaper, and you may have decided that's not for you. Strong or bright colours on the wall are not everyone's cup of tea, and if you’re concerned that your room will look outdated before you feel inclined to redecorate, then perhaps it’s best to look for other ways of brightening things up.

If you’re just planning a quick update, then the most cost effective and indeed fastest option is to bring colour in with accessories. Cushions on sofas or dining chairs will instantly update and change the look of your living space, and these can tie in with table cloths, napkins, even your crockery and cutlery. It doesn’t have to be super expensive designer prices either, the high street and the internet are excellent shopping territory if you’re trying to budget.

But bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens can be equally easily updated; perhaps introducing a new bedding set, or new towels and tea towels, all of which are available in a veritable rainbow of colours and shades. Supermarkets offer their own range of bedding and towels at competitive prices, with many items starting at under £5.

Wall art doesn’t have to break the bank either, and if you’re bold and artistic, you may even be tempted to give it a go yourself! Contemporary art fairs, art college shows and your local art group exhibitions are fantastic if you’re looking for an original artwork, and these can be extraordinarily good value. Again, high street and internet retailers have a huge choice if you are less concerned with owning a ‘one off’ piece.

Perhaps you’re looking to spend a little more and want to buy a new rug, sofa or chairs. These are also now available in every colour under the sun, ranging from the affordable to exclusive designer offerings. A coloured rug will look great and will instantly change a room’s appearance. If it’s furniture you're looking at, leather sofas are harder wearing, and arguably better if you have pets or a young family. While a coloured sofa will look absolutely stunning, these pieces of furniture are expensive and you have to be absolutely sure that you are happy with the colour, because most people are unable to replace their suite every couple of years. Perhaps stick with an armchair in a bright shade; it will still look great but makes less of a ‘statement’. Plus it can be easily covered by a throw if you grow weary of it!

You may have already fallen in love with a multi-coloured rug, a red leather sofa, or a patterned velvet chaise and couldn’t resist it. If this is the case, then exercise a little caution with the rest of your décor so that your prized possession has centre stage. Keep the rest of the colours, especially walls and other furniture such as coffee tables quite neutral. Perhaps just pick out one colour from the pattern and use this for accessories. And glass, mirrored and reflective metallic surfaces will help counterbalance the light if you’ve gone for a darker or stronger colour.

You don’t have to stick to using one colour either or even one shade of a colour. Current trends are towards using a variety of contrasting colours in one room, and if you like this look, it really is best to work with a neutral background. If it’s your first foray into colour, keep it to smaller items such as throws, cushions, vases, coasters, or even just a few different coloured candles in on a shelf. Sometimes the smaller things like these will make all the difference, and they can be quickly and easily replaced if your tastes move on to something else.

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