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Rose Quartz and Serenity
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Rose Quartz and Serenity

Rather than naming just one, Pantone released two quite different colours of the year in 2016. As soon as they were named, interior designers across the world began thinking of unique ways to incorporate these colours into their designs. It may be nearing the end of the year but there is still time to introduce splashes of these colours into your home if you are feeling inspired by them.

Rose Quartz is a pale, warm-toned, very welcoming and comforting rose colour, while Serenity brings a feeling of stillness and peace with its cool-toned, tranquil blue hue. When you first look at them, you certainly would not be the first to think of sickly sweet cupcakes or old family pictures that show the colour of your bedroom when you were a baby; however, Pantone has been keen to prove that these immediate thoughts can be replaced and that the colours can successfully challenge our traditional perceptions.

Blurring the lines between colours traditionally associated with femininity and masculinity is an exciting concept. Beginning with fashion and now trickling through to other design areas, we are starting to see colour usage meeting up with wider movements in society, such as the acceptance of gender fluidity and equality.

Rose Quartz and Serenity pair beautifully to create a gender-neutral space that feels calm, relaxing and comforting. They also work in combination with a variety of other shades, from rich browns and figs to flashes of silver and warm golds. Avoid veering too far into shabby chic and you will find that both shades lend themselves perfectly to modern interiors that do not feel at all old-fashioned.

Wall colours

As they are both pale shades, Rose Quartz and Serenity will act as beautiful backdrops for your artwork. Graphic pieces housed within dark frames will pop against light walls, ensuring your art always remains the star of the show.

If you have a large feature window that gives you sweeping views of the sky, incorporating touches of Serenity into your interior décor will really act to bring a little of the outside in. Try incorporating an upholstered headboard or new bedding for a comfortable and luxurious feel.

Choosing Rose Quartz as your wall colour does not mean your space will look too sugary-sweet; for example, modern furniture in light greys with natural wooden legs will help to create a fresh aesthetic. Bringing in complementary yet unexpected colours will further help to ensure the space feels modern and clean. Light blues, rich figs and browns will give contrast and depth. Finish off the room with splashes of rich gold or copper and concrete grey for a calming space with lots of personality.

Soft furnishings

Never feel pressured to invest a lot of money. Throws, pillows, blankets, cushions and curtains are all cost-effective ways of introducing new shades into your space. They also give you the opportunity to consider whether you love how they look without committing to pieces that are more of an investment, such as a sofa or a large rug.

It is important to love your space. As much as you like the look of a particular colour, it will not always work well in your home.


Upcycling furniture can be affordable and easy to achieve with a pot of chalk paint; however, you do not have to incorporate a fully-painted piece into your design. Choosing a mirrored or glass table can reflect colours from walls or other soft furnishings, further enhancing the space in a subtle and unique way.

There are many ways to incorporate new colours into your home, from opulent tiles for your bathroom to new glassware for your dining table. Experimenting and having fun with your design is the most important part. Choose pieces you love and you will end up with a home that you can be proud of and enjoy spending time in.

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