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Selecting the ideal feng shui-friendly colour scheme for your room

Feng shui accentuates the synchronisation we have with our external and internal environments and can greatly influence the relationship we have with the world. As we spend a significant amount of time at home, it is important to make the right interior design decisions to ensure we are always met with a sense of balance when we step through the door.

According to the guidance of feng shui, selecting the best colour for each room in your home depends on where it is located and in which direction it is facing. Standing in the centre of your home with a compass will help you to determine the cardinal direction of each room. With this integral piece of information to hand, let’s explore the colours and tones best placed to help you create a harmonious energy within your home.

North-facing rooms

North-facing rooms have strong connections with the element of water. Pale blue and green hues will accentuate this connection; however, if you are not keen on the idea of covering every wall in an aquatic shade, opting for a neutral base and accenting with splashes of bold blues and greens will be just as effective.

South-facing rooms

South-facing rooms and the fire element go hand in hand, so rich orange, red and yellow tones will establish a harmonious energy and balanced ambience. As blue hues can dampen the energy of south-facing spaces, keep your colour palette warm and don’t be afraid to make bold decorating decisions.

East/southeast-facing rooms

Green, tan and brown tones bring the sense of stability to east- and southeast-facing rooms and represent the wood element. It is best to avoid bold orange, yellow and red hues here, as they can overpower the calm and steady strength of these beautifully rich and quietly inspiring earthy tones.

West/northwest-facing rooms

Energised by the metal element, west- and northwest-facing spaces shine when their colour palette comprises white and grey tones. Dressing your space with hints of metallic will also enhance the prosperity of this room, ensuring it is always a wonderful and understatedly opulent space in which to spend time.

Southwest/northeast-facing rooms

Representing the earth element, southwest- and northeast-facing rooms benefit from being decorated in light browns, delicate yellows, and soft shades of tan and beige. Experimenting with natural textures and flashes of greenery will add to the energy of the earth element, resulting in a balanced and serene space ideal for work, play or relaxation.

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