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Seven tips for creating a light and spacious interior
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Seven tips for creating a light and spacious interior

Creating a sense of space and light within your home does not mean painting everything white and embracing a minimalist lifestyle. You can absolutely transform your living space into something that feels much lighter and larger whilst experimenting with colour and statement features.

Tranquil hues

Smaller spaces, loft conversions or rooms with small windows will often benefit from a light wall colour; however, you do not always have to reach straight for the nearest tin of brilliant white. A cool-toned light blue hue, for example, will reflect every inch of natural light, instantly making the room feel airier and much more spacious.

Luxurious, rich tones

When used cleverly within rooms with large windows and an abundance of natural light, rich green tones add a touch of luxury and bring elements of the outside in, creating a united and cohesive living space. Splashes of green will allow the formation of a deeper connection with nature, which should help you to feel more grounded and provide a calming environment in which to recharge after a busy day.

Feature flooring

Well-chosen flooring should always capture the eye’s attention, encouraging the viewer to take in every inch of a room’s floor space. A wooden floor with a beautiful elongated grain, or intricately detailed geometric tiles, have the power to draw attention to both the length and the breadth of a room. Choosing muted tones - perhaps light greys or neutral stone shades - will ensure the atmosphere remains light and airy, with a relaxing and calming ambience.

Statement lighting

Drawing the eye upwards with a statement light fitting has a similar effect to well-chosen flooring, especially if your space benefits from beautifully high ceilings. An intricate, sparkling chandelier will add a touch of glamour and reflect both natural and artificial light effortlessly throughout a room. Alternatively, a minimal, modern pendant light is the perfect contrasting feature to a room with a contemporary glass furniture. Look out for streamlined light fixtures with metallic tones, such as copper or brass, which will reflect the light and capture attention for all the right reasons.

Understated patterns

All eyes tend to be on bold, intricately patterned wallpapers; however, it is important not to underestimate the power of subtle designs - particularly large-scale geometrics - to make a style statement. Simple wallpapers can help to bring a sense of space and light to even the narrowest of hallways, particularly if your chosen design has hints of metallic detail running throughout.

Reflect and illuminate

Anything shiny is going to be excellent at reflecting light throughout a space. We have already covered metallic wallpapers and reflective light fittings, but don't overlook the power of a beautiful mirror or even a collection of crystals. These help in the creation of an airy atmosphere that feels much larger than it really is.

Smart storage solutions

Whilst you may feel that storing things away in cupboards and drawers maximises the feeling of space, this is not always the case; often, lots of furniture can make a home feel cramped. If you have a small selection of crockery, for example, displaying it on a streamlined wall-mounted plate rack can be both a lovely feature and a practical one. Providing the opportunity for you to ditch a few of those often-bulky kitchen wall cupboards, you may be surprised at just how much you can open up your space.

Choosing to replace your coffee table with a clear glass alternative can have a similar effect in your living room, especially if you need a little encouragement to tidy away piles of post or to filter through some of those remote controls that you may no longer know what they are for! Ultimately, smart storage is all about getting a little creative, ensuring everything has a place, and that nothing is taking up any more space than it absolutely needs to.

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