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Seven trends to inspire your summer entertaining plans
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Seven trends to inspire your summer entertaining plans

Summer is here and it is time to make the most of being outside as often as possible. Whether you are planning a few dinner parties or barbecues or are simply looking forward to dining outside with your family, here are a few ideas to help you create the perfect outdoor environment.

Outdoor entertainment options

Comfortable outdoor furniture will help to create a chilled-out and relaxed vibe, while opting for a corner sofa style seating area with a few chairs arranged around a central table will ensure conversation flows and provides the perfect location for a causal outdoor picnic. Alternatively, a long table - either with individual chairs or long benches - can be dressed and accessorised to suit any occasion, from casual barbecues to luxurious dinner parties.

You could even install an outdoor bar and set up an area for some games to provide something for all the family! Accessorise with elegant fairy lights and enjoy great company and conversation well into the night.

An injection of colour

Summer is the time for warm-toned hues, with cute and sophisticated millennial pink and rich terracotta featuring heavily on favourite lists across the design industry. The colour that is coming out on top for summer 2017, however, is tangerine, which provides a burst of happiness and joy when incorporated within a space. Tangerine-coloured outdoor furniture will make a big impact, as will cushions, throw blankets and table place settings. You do not need to invest a lot of money into this trend to experience its benefits.

Outdoor tiles

With so many beautiful tile designs, it is no surprise that many of us are choosing to adorn the floors of our outside spaces with colourful patterns. Again, you do not need to commit a lot of money to redesigning your entire garden; for example, a few smaller tiles make perfect coasters, an ideal alternative to traditional place mats, and look fabulous arranged down the length of a dining table in place of a table runner. Mix and match patterns and styles for an eclectic aesthetic, or opt for a cohesive design throughout for elegance with a quirky touch.

Hello aloe

The benefits of aloe are almost endless, from making a great addition to healthy smoothies to alleviating the effects of too much sun exposure. Aloe plants are also beautiful and easy to look after, making them ideal additions to your home. Pop them in some elegant pots and they will look great anywhere in your home, moving them around to accessorise your outdoor space during summer gatherings.

Summer on a plate

Edible flowers are colourful and undeniably beautiful, adding a touch of summer to your favourite dishes. Just be sure to double check that your choices are 100 per cent edible before adding them to your creations!

Potted gardens

There is something effortlessly enchanting about gardens made up of collections of beautiful pots filled with an array of floral blooms and fragrant herbs. Pots are ideal if your outside space is limited or you do not have any outside space at all. You might be surprised at just how much you can grow on the windowsills of your home, and you don’t need to invest a lot of money into it. You can create your own elegant plant holders simply by saving your empty tin cans, decorating the outsides, and planting some herbs to use in your culinary creations.

Flavoured ice cubes

As the weather warms up, it is important to ensure you are drinking enough water. A great way to jazz up a humble glass of H2O - this also works for cocktails and juices - is to get creative in the ice cube department. Add everything from cubes of lemon and summer berries to sprigs of refreshing mint and fresh basil to your ice tray before popping in the freezer. Pretty and delicious, this is the ideal combination!

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