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Seven ways and places to find interior design inspiration
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Seven ways and places to find interior design inspiration

Finding yourself in a creative rut can be incredibly frustrating, with uncovering sources of design inspiration sometimes easier said than done. Thankfully, inspiration can be found almost everywhere. Here are a few of our top tips to help you tune into the creative ideas that have the power to transform your home.

Take a trip somewhere

This could be another country you have always wanted to visit or somewhere you have been before but would like to visit again to really absorb the culture and architecture. Even visiting somewhere closer to home, a weekend in the city, a long walk in the countryside or a wander around a stately home can provide a jolt of creative inspiration.

Walk around some antique or vintage shops

With so many unexpected treasures waiting to be found within antique shops, which are often filled to the ceiling with curious cabinets and interesting objects, spending an afternoon delving into the depths of your favourite curiosity shop and sharpening your inquisitive eye can be just the thing to prompt your next room redesign. It can also secure the perfect addition to a space that needs a slight refresh.

Look at your favourite interior shop’s new collection

As it will be constantly keeping on top of new trends within the design industry, looking at the pieces in your favourite interior shop’s newest collection, whether online or in person in a physical store, can be very inspiring. You will also be able to see how individual pieces have been styled within the context of a wider space.

Browse the internet and make use of social media platforms

With everything at our fingertips, the internet can be quite an overwhelming place; however, entering a few key search terms into Google Images can provide a wealth of inspiration.

Visually-focused social media platforms are also brilliant places to rediscover your passion for design. Do you have a favourite interior designer or design magazine? If so, they will probably have an Instagram account, which will not only let you explore the images they have posted but also you will be able to see the Instagram accounts they follow. Looking through some of the accounts that inspire them will broaden your design horizons and you may even discover a new favourite designer, store or publication in the process.

Similarly, Pinterest is a brilliant website that allows you to collate together images that inspire you into virtual mood boards; in addition, you can explore boards created by other users.

Explore the history of design

Is there a period of design history that particularly interests you, or perhaps one you would like to learn more about? Have a look around the design section in your local library or bookshop and see whether anything jumps out at you.

Other creative arts

You do not necessarily have to seek out inspiration from design sources. Creative industries are all interconnected in one way or another; therefore, watching a film or TV show, going to the theatre, flicking through a fashion magazine or wandering around an art gallery can be just the thing to get your creative juices flowing once again.

Be open to inspiration within everyday life

You may be driving home from work one day and see a beautiful deep orange sunset, or you may walk past a community garden and see a beautifully-shaped plant pot. Make a note of colours, objects or shapes you like as soon as you see them so that you don’t forget them; alternatively, if you can snap a quick picture to refer back to later, this is even better!

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