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Six interior trends to inspire you this summer!
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Six interior trends to inspire you this summer!

Summer is finally here, and what better time to think about giving your living spaces a bit of a refresh to celebrate the arrival of a new season? Whether you are considering a whole revamp or just a few small changes, here are a few of our current favourite trends that we hope will give you all the inspiration you need to create the home of your dreams!

It’s all about the blooms

Certainly not a new trend, but we think Pantone has something to do with our desire to feel just that little bit more in tune with nature this year, as Greenery is its official colour of the year. That being said, as a nation we have been experimenting with introducing aspects of our outside spaces inside since the latter part of the swinging 60s and it is a trend that is not going anywhere in a hurry. From houseplants and beautiful blooms to bold floral wallpaper designs and eye-catching green tiles, there is a way to incorporate flashes of this trend whatever your style.

Let’s rewind back to the 1970s!

There is something exceptionally alluring about 1970s design, which is probably why so many of us are incorporating splashes of this disco decade within our homes. The bright colours are bold and invigorating, while cosy shaggy rugs and tassels introduce a real sense of luxe comfort. Sales of record players are also soaring right now, giving you the perfect excuse to dig out your old vinyl and curate your own summer soundtrack!

Being kind to the environment

Our planet is good to us and with more of us becoming more aware of the impact our daily lives is having on our environment, it is only natural that the rising popularity of sustainable living is filtering through to our interior choices. As the internet is bursting with DIY and upcycling tutorials, there has never been a better time to scour your local charity, secondhand and antique shops for pieces of furniture that, although they have perhaps seen better days, just need a little TLC to enjoy a fabulous new lease of life.

Throwing some shapes

Who said tiles should be square, or mirrors rectangular? Mixing and matching different shapes within a design is a subtle way to add interest. The popularity of hexagonal tiles is soaring right now; however, if this is not quite up your street, why not experiment with arranging simple rectangular tiles in a sleek and modern herringbone pattern? This may be subtle, but it is full of personality!

Playing with colour

We could sing the praises of brilliant white spaces forever, but sometimes introducing splashes of vibrant or bold colours can elevate a room beyond your wildest dreams. Rich navy-hued bedrooms with luxe copper or gold accessories are wildly comforting, or keep things fresh and light with a delicate palette of watercolours throughout your linens and other soft furnishings. Both ideas are sure to result in a dreamy night's sleep!

Clutter-free living

At this point, we must all at least know someone who has read Marie Kondo’s hugely popular book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. While her approach may not be for everyone, the passion she has for minimal living is hugely inspiring. There is something very freeing about curating your life, whether through maintaining a capsule wardrobe of clothes that are easy to mix and match and don’t leave you feeling overwhelmed in the morning when it is time to choose what to wear or simply by being more conscious of the things you are buying in general. Ditching the wardrobe in favour of an elegant clothes rack or investing in some open shelving for your living spaces will help you to eliminate those pieces that don’t make you happy, leaving you free to concentrate on enjoying the things that do. In the words of Kondo herself, spark joy!

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