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Six reasons to love monochrome interiors
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Six reasons to love monochrome interiors

Bright, vibrant colours can instantly add bundles of personality to a space; however, if colourful hues are not reflective of your personal style, monochrome interiors - just like a classic little black dress - are a timeless way to personalise your space and express your own individuality. With show-stopping black, vibrant white and a variety of shades of grey to play with, monochrome aesthetics are versatile, limitless and never dull.

From Japanese simplicity to Scandinavian chic, monochrome does it all

When you initially think of monochrome design, your mind may immediately be drawn to images of dramatic chess boards and prominent zebra print; however, it is important to note that monochrome interiors can very easily be as pared back or as dramatic as you want them to be. Introduce textured rugs, soft furnishings and mid-century modern furniture for a chic Scandi look, or keep accessories to a minimum for an airy, spacious and relaxing space.

A classic and oh-so-chic combination

One of the easiest interior trends to work with, you will quickly find that any combination of black, white and grey creates an effortlessly elegant aesthetic that almost any style of furniture looks at home within. If you are just starting to experiment with monochrome design, opt for a vibrant white or mid-grey wall colour and build your space from there. Deep grey rugs will add a cool, cosy vibe, with clear glass furniture keeping things modern and elegant.

Monochrome does not have to be boring: experiment with ombre

For an interesting wall effect, grab those paint brushes and experiment with creating a unique and fun yet ultra-chic ombre design. This look works especially well with tonal shades of grey and all you will need are four different paint colours, a few clean paint brushes, and a little patience. First, cover the wall with your lightest base colour before applying the next-darkest shade from the midpoint of your wall down. Use a clean paint brush to lightly feather the line where the two colours meet and repeat this process with your other two colours, with your darkest shade closest to the floor. The result should look something like an elegant landscape photograph with a light mist hovering elegantly in front of the hills and mountains in the distance, which is a lovely effect.

Monochrome is perfect for minimalists

Minimalism is having a moment. While you may immediately envisage all-white interiors, black furniture and accessories make ideal additions to help create a streamlined ambience without resulting in a space that looks too clinical or stripped of features. Edgy and modern, this look is simple to create, even easier to maintain, and incredibly relaxing to spend time within.

You can experiment with out-there pieces without things looking OTT

Bold and colourful pieces can sometimes be difficult to style; however, you will find you have more freedom to experiment with patterns and textures when sticking to a monochrome colour palette. Do you love polka dot cushions and striped rugs? You don’t have to choose between them - incorporate both into your space to reflect your personality. If you are still concerned about making too much of a bold statement, keep things pared back throughout the rest of the room.

It’s not boring: it’s all in the accessories

Diving straight in with black paint may sound a little daunting. While it does not have to be, the addition of deep-hued accessories can make just as much of an impact and will really pop when paired with bright white or clear glass furniture, looking effortlessly modern and ultra-cool. It is also a lot of fun to root around in interior shops and antique markets to find the perfect accessories to create your ideal vibe. Think vases, beautifully-shaped mirrors and unique photo frames, all of which, when put together, will reflect your personality and create a space completely unique to you and your taste.

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