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Stormy Weather
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Stormy Weather

Thanks to the result of the EU referendum, the future of Britain is currently more unsettled and more talked about than the British summer weather, which takes some doing. Britain has voted out, and what's going to happen is very much an unknown. The process of exiting the EU is going to take some time, and it's a giant step into the unknown, which is about the only thing both sides of the campaign can agree on.

The result of the referendum has been quite a shock and encouraged a great deal of discussion and debate on social media as people work out their frustrations or delight at the prospect of an EU-free future for the country.

Political and financial analysts are certainly very busy, and depending on which papers you read, the EU exit is either potentially exciting or devastating for the UK. Right now, it's certainly overwhelming for many of us. So while the political and meteorological storms rage on outside, why not concentrate on what's going on at home and weather those storms?

And finally, just to top it all off, there's the less than glorious performance of some of the home nations' football teams in the UEFA European Championship.

But if there's one thing we're very good at here, it's getting on with things. A good way to banish the blues without breaking the bank is entertaining. Getting friends round, whether it's for a formal three-course meal or a couple of drinks and some snacks, is a great way to take your mind off life's little challenges.

And it doesn't have to cost you a packet. How about borrowing an idea that's popular in the US: a pot-luck supper? Everyone brings a dish to be shared, which takes the pressure off the host. You can even pick a country as a theme. Yes, you'll still have the clearing up to do, but the run-up will be much more relaxing knowing that everyone is bringing food.

Or brave the elements and venture out for a picnic! Great if you've got kids, as you can pick a field or beach and let them run wild, leaving the adults in relative peace. It doesn't have to be sandwiches and pork pies either. Take a portable or throw-away barbecue and rustle up some hot-dogs, burgers, kebab or fish. Best of all, then there's no clearing up at home to worry about!

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