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Style your Christmas tree like a pro with these eight tips
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Style your Christmas tree like a pro with these eight tips

If you are longing for a stylish tree this year, we have put together a few top tips to help you achieve your desired aesthetic this festive season.

1. Invest in your base

Whether you choose a real or an artificial tree, it is well worth spending some time selecting the very best. Give some thought to where you are planning to position your tree and take a few quick measurements so that you know roughly what you should be looking for.

2. Spend time shaping branches

Artificial trees have greatly improved in quality over recent years, but you should still spend some time shaping the branches before you begin decorating. Your tree should look full and bushy, with minimal gaps.

3. Consider your theme

This could be a specific colour scheme, such as red and gold, or something more specific, such as twinkling stars or Scandinavian chic. Understanding what you want to achieve will help you to hone your vision and make for a much simpler decorating process.

4. Select your decorations

Regardless of your chosen theme, selecting a complementary accent feature will result in a more well-rounded and cohesive aesthetic. If you are opting for a star theme, for example, interspersing a selection of rounded baubles in varying sizes will accent the geometric lines of your star decorations.

5. Arrange with care

Settling on an arrangement is always one of the most enjoyable parts of decorating for the holidays. It is important to have fun experimenting at this stage so that the final result is something you can be very proud of. You may decide to evenly disperse baubles across your tree or opt for a more clustered aesthetic, which can add extra interest and design flair.

6. Layering is key

Once you are happy with your main layout, the next step is to add some decorative ribbons for extra dimension and texture. Utilising a variety of ribbons in assorted sizes will add depth and impact, and you could even mix and match different materials and textures.

7. Additional decorations

Tree picks can be the finishing touches you didn’t know you needed. These come in many different forms, some of the most popular being frosted pinecones and rich red berries. Tree picks should be subtle, complementing your overall design without taking any attention away from your main theme.

8. Selecting the perfect tree topper

In many respects, your tree topper will be the star of the show. Selecting something that reflects your theme and is made from high-quality materials is important to pull your tree together and create your desired designer aesthetic.

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