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Styling your home like a professional interior designer
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Styling your home like a professional interior designer

With so many components to consider and decisions to make, from paint colours and wallpaper to furniture and accessories, curating a home that reflects your personality and works for your lifestyle is no small feat.

Employing the services of an interior designer is not something that is available or realistic for every home owner, and it is important to remember that taking on a large project can be a hugely satisfying and transformative experience. Alongside creating a space that you feel completely comfortable in and inspired by, you might also uncover a hidden talent or discover a new interest that you would like to pursue when your personal interior project is complete.

With these things in mind, here are a few interior design tips that will help you to achieve that designer aesthetic.

Don’t neglect the power of accessories

Just like an outfit is rarely complete without a well-chosen watch, piece of jewellery or scarf, adding accessories to your space is an excellent and incredibly easy way to establish a designer ambience without the need to make a big commitment or investment. It is now easier than ever to build an eclectic collection of beautiful accessories that reflect your personality and personal style.

One of the best things about accessories is that they can be easily changed with the seasons, allowing you to refresh your space and create an atmosphere that you constantly find both comforting and inspiring.

It’s all about the textures

Introducing different materials and textures into your space will help you to create a sense of depth and interest, with contrasting choices often working particularly well. You can achieve the designer look in numerous ways, from textured wallpapers to mixing and matching contemporary glass tables with splashes of natural greenery and beautifully arranged bouquets.

Take care when introducing colour

Colour can make or break a design, with high-end looks always introducing colour in mindful and innovative ways. If a vibrant purple hue is your favourite colour, you can absolutely introduce it into your design; however, make sure to add splashes here and there, only introducing large expanses if you feel confident it won’t overwhelm your space.

Soft furnishings are often a great place to start with colour, with curtains, rugs and cushions all elements that allow for experimentation with different shades and textures to create an atmosphere that feels unique and truly personalised to your tastes.

The luxe factor

Introducing a touch of luxury to every space within your home is a true delight, with metallic accessories and ornate mirrors instantly injecting an element of refined glamour. These luxurious touches work especially well within smaller spaces and will help to reflect light and make the room feel much bigger and airier.

Reflect your personality

This is your home and it is important that it reflects your style and tastes. No one knows you better than you know yourself; however, it can be difficult to know where to start. Putting together a mood board can be enormously useful, so take some time to research ideas and concepts you really love before pulling them all together to see what works and what does not.

When looking through interior magazines, browsing online and wandering around some of your favourite interior design shops for inspiration, think about colours, accessories, pieces of large furniture, and textures. If you love photography, art, vinyl records or books, thinking about how you can incorporate these into your design can be an excellent place to start.

Create balance

It is important to trust your eye when it comes to making some of the finer decisions, with establishing a balance between too stark and overly cluttered your aim. Experimentation will help you to determine the ultimate direction of your design and it is essential to trust that you will know when you have created a space that truly works for you.

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