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The Benefits of House Plants
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The Benefits of House Plants

As well as looking beautiful on a side table or carefully arranged inside a vacant fireplace, house plants have a number of benefits both on the feeling of a space and your personal well-being.

They will inspire you to be more creative

This may sound a little farfetched, but bear with us - it’s true! There have been a number of different studies conducted that have found that working in a space with plants can have a dramatic positive impact on information retention, concentration and productivity. Being in touch with nature is uplifting, but it is also beneficial on a practical level too.

They are natural humidifiers

Having house plants around any time of the year is wonderful, but they are especially helpful to have during the cold, dry winter months. This is because they release over 90% of the water they take in, therefore acting as natural humidifiers. Research from the University of Norway suggests that house plants can help to ease dry skin as well as reducing the risk of experiencing a sore throat or a dry cough.

They will filter your air

Extensive research conducted by NASA has shown that house plants can play a huge role in improving the quality of indoor air, even filtering out low levels of carbon monoxide and formaldehyde completely. Some of the most effective plants for removing pollutants from indoor air include English ivy, peace lilies and spider plants, which can also absorb dust and ease allergies.

They will give your home a boost of oxygen

During the daytime plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, boosting levels within the spaces in which they are placed. During the night time, as they stop photosynthesising, many plants begin to absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Certain varieties such as succulents and orchids, however, continue to release oxygen throughout the night, which is why these particular plants make excellent additions to sleeping spaces.

They will add an extra element of life and colour to a space

Do you have a room that is otherwise complete, but feels as though it’s missing something that you can’t quite put your finger on? Everything from your wall colour to your perfectly arranged soft furnishings may be exactly what you envisaged, but the positive impact a flash of greenery in a well-designed pot can have really cannot be overstated.

They’re aren’t as difficult to take care of as you may think

Cacti and succulents are virtually indestructible, but a quick look on the internet will tell you where in your home your choice of house plant is likely to thrive, and how often you should water it. After a few weeks, watering and misting your new addition will become as much a part of your natural routine as making yourself breakfast each morning. There are a wide variety of hardy plants such as peace lilies and mother-in-law’s tongue that won’t mind if you do forget to water them occasionally.

If you’re concerned about space or not having large quantities of sunlight flowing in through your windows each day, don’t worry. Every species of plant has different requirements, so you’re bound to find something that will fit seamlessly into your home. Aloe, for example, thrives brilliantly when placed in indirect light, which means it could be the perfect addition to your bookshelf, your desk, or a bathroom shelf.

If you have pets in your home who may be tempted to have a little nibble on your new potted friend, do make sure to research ahead of time whether your choice of plant will be suitable, to avoid any unwanted trips to the vet. You’ll then be free to fully enjoy your new house plant, admiring the impact it has on your home as well as soaking up all the other added benefits too.

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