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The best neutral wall colours that are not white
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The best neutral wall colours that are not white

Simple, crisp white walls will forever be considered a design classic, ensuring a room always feels light and spacious whilst allowing you to inject your personality through your choice of furniture and other accessories. Sometimes, however, you may feel that a space needs something with more depth but do not want to step too far away from neutral, easy-to-live-with shades. Alternatively, if your rooms are not quite ready for a new paint colour, these shades can be great options when upcycling accessories or for breathing a new lease of life into a piece of furniture that currently feels a little out of place.

If you want to add a touch of colour

Look at soft blues or greens, ensuring they also contain a touch of grey. These will impart a hint of colour on a space but will never look too overwhelming or clash with other tones and shades. White, greys and light blush pink colours work especially well with soft blues and greens; in fact, you will struggle to find tones that do not look beautiful against these soft whispers of colour.

Keep it cool

Cool greys will instantly add a touch of class to a space, especially when the room is dressed with shiny brass or rose gold accessories. You can also accessorise with rich gunmetal tones for a modern, multi-tonal grey aesthetic, or indeed any other colour of your choice as grey is so incredibly versatile.

Beige does not have to be boring

As one of the most versatile shades in the colour palette, there are so many interesting interior spaces that can be created with soft elephant or linen tones acting as the canvas. Light beige shades will ensure a space feels light and bright, with richer beige options adding depth and interest.

Grey + beige = greige

Warm greys are incredibly chic and modern and will ensure that your room retains a warm and inviting feeling that can sometimes get a little lost with its cooler counterpart. Shiny copper accessories will add an element of elegance, with warm pinks and greens also working especially well as accent colours.

You're making me blush

Blush pink is the most feminine neutral shade and adds so much character and vivacity whilst ensuring a room always retains its brightness. You do not have to fully commit, with soft opals adding a hint of pink without skimping on the personality. Style with shiny gold accessories for the ultimate feminine retreat, or with cool greys for an edgy aesthetic.

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