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Three reasons why a clear glass table could be an ideal addition to your home
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Three reasons why a clear glass table could be an ideal addition to your home

Transparent glass is one of the easiest materials to incorporate into a space and here we look at three reasons why you should consider adding it to your home.

1. It will fit seamlessly into any space, from ultra-modern, to vintage chic

Do you like the idea of a bar cart, but feel that your room can't take another heavy piece of furniture? A clear glass table will not only provide enough storage space but also the contrast between its modern design and your choice of vintage cocktail glasses, rich copper cocktail shakers and elegant decanters will create interest and demonstrate a real flair for design. Your bar cart will become a central feature of the space without being too visually distracting.

Alternatively, do you have a beautiful wooden coffee table that is not providing you with enough surface space? Placing a clear glass table next to it will give you more storage options without taking any attention away from your original table. The juxtaposition between the materials will provide visual interest and a great opportunity to experiment with different heights. You could perhaps place a taller glass table across your original wooden table, elevating both tables and creating a final piece that looks chic and sophisticated.

2. Your space won't feel cluttered, but you will have more storage options

An over-furnished room can look small and sometimes feel claustrophobic. In some spaces this can work well; however, in the majority, it feels overwhelming. This does not mean that you must immediately attempt to declutter or that you should give up all hope of finding somewhere to display that new ornament you received as a gift. After the holiday period, it is likely that you will have spent some time looking around and appreciating how much roomier your space appears now that the tinsel and baubles have been packed safely away for another year. If you want to keep hold of this feeling of space and serenity but need a few more storage options, a clear glass table could be the ideal solution. Its transparent nature means that it won't attract too much attention whilst providing you with more surface space.

3. Soft and natural or angular and sculptural

Curved glass tables look incredibly soft and natural, with the rounded edges blending seamlessly into the background. Alternatively, if you are looking for a piece to make a heightened style statement, more angular designs will look both striking and sculptural whilst sitting beautifully in harmony with the rest of the room.

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