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Three simple decorating tricks to transform your space in an instant

One of the best things about interior design is that you do not need to have a lot of time available to transform your space into something spectacular. The beginning of the year is always an excellent time to refresh your space, but these three decorating tricks can be employed whenever you fancy making some small changes that will make a big impact.


Whether you are naturally drawn to deep inky blues, modern millennial pinks, cheery sunshine yellows or minimal greys, the key to incorporating colour is to jump in with both feet and let go of all your inhibitions. If you are new to colour, you might find it easier to start by introducing one shade into your space and, as you start to feel more comfortable, incorporating other complementary shades into the mix.

You might choose to refresh your walls with a coat of paint, or you might decide to introduce a series of smaller accessories in your chosen colour palette. However, you choose to play with colour, be brave!


Instantly introducing a dash of contemporary chic into every aesthetic, pieces made from transparent materials can brighten a room while adding a feeling of spaciousness in uniquely fresh and exciting ways.

Sparkling chandeliers, oversized glass vases and beautifully constructed glass tables will all capture and reflect both natural and artificial light, making a real style statement without looking or feeling as though they are visually taking up a lot of space.

Glass tables particularly make an ideal base upon which to create a unique design feature, working especially well as contemporary bar carts or as places to display beautiful coffee table books or collections of your favourite objects.


This is a technique consistently lauded by design experts, with the transformative power of texture never ceasing to amaze! Whether you choose a uniquely textured rug, a collection of decorative crystals, a chunky knit throw blanket or a selection of house plants, the introduction of different textures into a space instantly adds interest and encourages the eye to scan the rest of the room for similarly interesting features, taking in the whole design in the process.

The best thing about texture is that unlike pattern or bold colours, it is simply impossible to go overboard. The key is to integrate as many different textures as possible to avoid creating a space that looks a little too monotonous or repetitive throughout and maintain the level of interest and intrigue you ideally want to achieve.

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