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Three steps to efficient paperwork organisation
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Three steps to efficient paperwork organisation

If implementing a solid and properly-organised system to keep on top of important paperwork and other documents is one of your resolutions for this year, we have put together a list of top tips to help you get started and ensure that spending hours trying to locate a misplaced document remains firmly a thing of the past!

1. Filter out unimportant documents

Although perhaps the most time-consuming step, filtering through your paperwork and pulling out things you do not need to keep will be one of the most rewarding parts of the organisation process. Not only will you be left with fewer documents to file later but also you will feel as though you have had a good clear out and are less weighed down by the things you own.

Top tip: now is the perfect time to recycle items of junk mail, leaflets, takeaway menus and catalogues that may have been gathering dust on your coffee table or kitchen counter.

2. Identify the most important documents to file in a lockable cabinet or box

Keeping every document that may be difficult to replace in a safe place will save you a lot of time and inconvenience that would be incurred if you had to begin the process of obtaining a replacement. Documents such as your passport, important legal certificates, insurance documents, educational certificates and your will should always be stored in a lockable and preferably fire-proof box or cabinet.

Top tip: a small lockable box will be easier to store in a safe place; however, there are a number of stylish organisational cabinets available that will blend seamlessly into a variety of different interior styles. If you are short of surface space, an organisational cabinet in your home office, for example, could provide an ideal surface on which to place your printer or a box of office supplies, or to display a bunch of your favourite flowers.

3. Organise and file by category

Separating your documents into different categories and filing them into different folders or boxes will ensure that you always know exactly where you will find the particular piece of paper you are looking for at any given time.

Think about the number of different categories you need to file before you decide on a storage method. You may wish to separate your debit card statements from your credit card statements; however, take some time to consider whether you want separate boxes or whether a file with different compartments, or a folder with dividers inside, would work best for your needs.

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