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Tips for a tidier and more organised home
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Tips for a tidier and more organised home

Decluttering and minimalism have become buzzwords recently and it is certainly true that parting with objects you no longer love or have served their purpose can lift a weight off your shoulders and revitalise your home. You will have more free space, which can instil a more relaxing atmosphere, and in the process you will be able to donate items that will be useful to someone else.

You may look around your home and wish that it looked a little tidier without having to undertake a huge declutter. There are many reasons why you may be attached to certain items; however, whatever these reasons, a little time spent organising and rearranging can be truly transformational.

Top of the table

You do not have to completely clear every surface for your home to look neat and organised; instead, you simply need to make sure everything has a place.

In your kitchen, for example, consider which items you use on a regular basis and find a permanent place for them - there is no need to spend time taking them in and out of cupboards. You may only need easy access to a kettle, but equally keeping out a smoothie maker and a coffee machine won’t necessarily leave your counter top looking cluttered.

It is often best to store smaller items, such as a collection of spices, away in a cupboard. Ensuring such items are still easy to find when you need them is important, as this will encourage you to continue putting them away after each use.


Lots of magnets haphazardly holding various pieces of paper can look untidy; however, this does not mean you have to ditch your collection entirely. You may have a tradition of buying a magnet from every place you visit - if you love them, don’t get rid of them. Instead, try lining them up in rows and find another place to put the various pieces of paper you probably never look at.

A place for post and other reminders

To avoid stacks of paperwork mounting up all over the house, having a dedicated place for all your documents will ensure that you always know where everything is and you will never have to wonder where those important letters disappeared to. You may choose to invest in a filing cabinet, but even a simple folder can work wonders.

Open shelving

A well-styled shelf or cabinet with glass doors can look beautiful, but avoiding unnecessary clutter is essential. Ensure that you only display pieces you truly love and want to see every day; it is often the case that less is more. Consider the height of your objects and think about dividing up a larger collection; for example, try piling up a few books and placing your favourite ornament on top with a vase of flowers or houseplant next to it. This can often be more visually pleasing than a whole shelf of ornaments that are all the same size and style.


We all need a storage box or two for those odds and ends that you don’t need easy access to every day but need to keep for one reason or another; however, it is important to remember that boxes are not a solution to untidiness. If you don’t need to keep something, consider donating it - it won’t be doing anything sitting in a box that is rarely opened.

Think about the storage solutions you need before you buy them. There is no point having three large containers when your items would be better housed in something smaller. Avoid piling things in, as you will probably forget what is in there and won’t be able to see what you are looking for at a later date. Look for boxes that come with dividers to separate smaller items to keep everything neat and organised.

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