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Top tips for keeping your home, garden and garage secure this spring and summer
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Top tips for keeping your home, garden and garage secure this spring and summer

As the weather gets warmer, we are all much more likely to go on days out, weekend trips, or even hop on a plane to even sunnier climates. Leaving our homes for any length of time can be worrying, but here are our top tips for keeping your property as secure as possible.

Your outside space

If you have a garage, keep a record of any high-value items stored inside before making sure it is securely locked. If you have an alarm system covering your garage, this is even better! Try not to leave your garage door open for extended periods, as you never know who might be looking and making a note of what is inside.

Always ensure any tools and ladders are securely locked away. Not only will this protect them from being stolen but also it will protect your property from burglars, who may use them to gain entry.

Keeping your outside space properly maintained will also be a deterrent. Bushy trees and hedges may help to conceal break-in attempts, giving burglars more time to enter your property unnoticed.

Your home

This is an obvious one, but make sure that all your windows and doors are securely locked. This may mean digging around for that lost window key, but it will be worth it.

Timer plugs are an excellent investment. Before leaving home, make sure that your lights are set to come on as it starts to get dark.

It may be tempting to leave your curtains drawn, but this will draw more attention to your empty property. If it is possible for a friend or neighbour to pop round to draw them each night, this is ideal.

Never leave your keys by the front door. You certainly do not want a burglar pushing a hook through your letterbox, scooping up your keys and letting themselves in.

If you usually receive a lot of post and have a glass front door through which a pile building up will be easily seen, ask a neighbour to pop round and move it into one of your living spaces out of sight; alternatively, the Keepsafe service from Royal Mail is well worth considering if you are going to be away for more than a few days.

One of the best things you can do to protect your home is to invest in a good quality and reliable alarm system. You can now even purchase systems with cameras, allowing you to check on your home via your smartphone or laptop from wherever you are in the world.

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