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Upcoming interior trends for 2017
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Upcoming interior trends for 2017

Along with taking down the Christmas decorations, the start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to evaluate your home and reflect on whether it is time to make some big changes or add a few new pieces to keep the space looking fresh, stylish and comforting. Here are some of the interior trends you can expect to see in the shops, online and in magazines over the coming year.

Tactile materials

Don't worry if you have invested in delicate marble, shiny copper and rose gold pieces throughout 2016, as these will pair beautifully with the raw, earthy materials such as wicker, cork, clay and timber that are looking to make a big impact over the coming months.

Feature cork board walls may not initially sound appealing; however, they could be the perfect addition to your home office or busy family kitchen as a quirky alternative to the chalk board wall that has been everywhere over the past few years. Not only will the colour add a touch of warmth to a space but also its texture provides interest and will be enormously practical for pinning important notes, documents and to-do lists to enable you to start the year feeling organised and in control.

Terracotta is also set to make a somewhat unexpected return, which could be a tricky trend to get right but will certainly make a stunning impact within the right space. You can keep it simple through the addition of simple terracotta plant pots or make a bolder statement with elegant matte terracotta tiles.

Retreating into nature

By appointing Greenery as its colour of the year, Pantone is establishing the return to and reconnection with nature as a key trend. A simple way to incorporate some greenery into your home is through house plants. Their presence will improve your personal environment by filtering the air and reintroducing oxygen into your space; in addition, you can incorporate some tactile materials into your interior through handmade and decorated clay pots for your new plants.


As our lives become increasingly busy and reliant on technology, the desire to create comfortable spaces within our homes is set to increase this year. Escaping from every digital distraction and stressful situation into a relaxing space surrounded by books or a cosy sofa with chunky knitted throws, cushions and rugs, even if just for a few minutes each day, sounds perfect.

Jewel tones

Rich, jewel tones such as amethysts and deep greens add depth and a sense of opulence to a space. You could make a real statement by painting your walls in beautiful jewel tones or invest in a key piece of furniture; however, you don’t have to make such bold decisions. Scatter some crystals, such as cut quartz and amethyst, throughout your space on side tables, coffee tables and window ledges and they will sparkle beautifully whenever the sun hits them. This will also reinforce your connection with nature and our incredible environment, helping you to feel grounded and calm as you go about your daily life.

Less is more

A natural continuation of a reconnection with nature is the notion that less is more. Sometimes it is all too easy to get caught up in a cycle of constantly investing in new pieces, but the popularity of decluttering brought into the mainstream by a number of individuals - including Marie Kondo - is not losing momentum. Minimalist thinking can be very freeing and removing excess clutter means that you are free to live with exactly what you need is a natural and cleansing process. Take this as the ideal opportunity to invest in one or two - perhaps more expensive - key pieces that will enhance your life rather than multiple items that simply begin to gather dust within a few weeks.

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