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Ways to organise your book collection depending on your mood
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Ways to organise your book collection depending on your mood

The rise of the shelfie on social media has resulted in increasing numbers of people using shelving to display their favourite books and other objects in increasingly innovative and aesthetically pleasing ways. Escaping the increasingly digital landscape of our daily lives through books is a wonderful way to spend a half an hour of our time each day, especially when we are unwinding before bed, and here are just a few ways in which you can organise your own ever-expanding collection of books.

The rainbow

Arguably the most beautiful way to organise your books is by grouping them together by the most predominant colour on the spine and arranging them in rainbow order on your shelves. Lovely!

By author, genre or publisher

If you have a large book collection, it is very likely you have already spent a lot of time considering the best way in which to organise. Don't worry, we have too! Each method has its own merits and the obvious way is to organise them alphabetically by author surname. The days of misplacing your favourite book will be long gone and you could even make small lettered signs for a slice of authentic book shop or library life.

If you have actively built up a collection of books from within the same range from a specific publisher, however, it might be a shame to split them all up and miss out on the uniform and cohesive aesthetic across the spines that will come from arranging them next to each other.

Pages out

If your interior style is a little more pared back, displaying shelves of multi-coloured spines may not suit your aesthetic. You can still make a beautiful feature out of your book collection by simply placing them on your shelves with the pages facing outwards instead of the spine. You could even use this method as a way of storing only your unread books so that you are met with a complete surprise when you visit your shelves to pick out your next read!

Make a feature of your favourites

Our favourite books can reveal a lot about our tastes and personalities, so why not make a real feature out of your favourite reads? Small stacks on your coffee table and console tables throughout your home make wonderful decorative features, revealing a little more about your personality and your interests to your guests in a unique and fun way. They can also act as brilliant conversation starters and you might even end up with a few new suggestions to add to your to-read list.

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