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What your colour choices might say about your personality

The colours we choose to introduce into our homes can be influenced by many factors, with current trends potentially just a small part of the story. New research has revealed that the colours we find ourselves naturally drawn to and compelled to incorporate within our homes may reflect our personalities more comprehensively than we might initially expect.


Although a penchant for black tones might indicate a preference for strong simplicity, it is also likely that you are both elegant and chic, with a distinct artistic streak. You might like to keep an eye on the latest trends, but you find yourself consistently drawn to sleek aesthetics with luxurious accents.


White is a crisp and minimal hue, with those drawn to its simplicity most content within bright, airy and open spaces. Fuss-free, highly logical and laid-back, you like to keep your home and your life organised and free from superfluous distractions.


This engaging and dynamic colour commands attention and earns it for all the right reasons. If you find yourself regularly drawn to red hues, it is likely that you light up a room as soon as you walk in and display a genuine and infectious passion for the things in life you truly love.


A uniquely soothing, calm and quiet hue, you are likely to feel energised after spending time outdoors. Loyal and affectionate, you are not afraid to be honest with people but always do so in supremely tactful and considerate ways.


Trustworthy and authoritative, you value stability and always make a genuine effort to consider the feelings of others. You value tidiness, but you don’t shy away from making bold style statements when they reflect your refined aesthetic.


Lively, passionate and with a slight penchant for drama, you are unique, artistic, and love nothing more than employing your creativity to create beautiful things and develop innovative solutions to every problem you encounter.


Welcoming and uplifting, you take great pleasure in finding the positive in every situation. Often willing to share your knowledge with others, you are in tune with the feelings of others and have the ability to share your positive energy with everyone around you.


Spirited, youthful and fun, you don’t shy away from the realities of life but you do value the small pockets of escapism you carve out for yourself wherever possible.


Valuing simplicity, you reject anything fleeting or ostentatious in favour of dependability. You might not be the world’s biggest risk taker, but you will take measured steps to achieve the sense of stability you crave.

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