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Why your bathroom is an ideal location for your house plants
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Why your bathroom is an ideal location for your house plants

In addition to brightening and introducing life into a space, houseplants are excellent at filtering the air we breathe. The challenge of keeping them alive may be off-putting; however, it is not as difficult or time consuming as you may think, especially as many plants are quite hardy. With so many benefits, it is not too difficult to see why houseplants have been consistently increasing in popularity over the past couple of years.

The year of greenery

Urban jungles, rooftop gardens and window boxes have been around for a while, but introducing as many plants into your home as your space allows has now become one of the hottest interior trends. A quick search of Instagram will throw up hundreds of thousands of images depicting homes with plants on every windowsill, bookcase and side table. Following Pantone’s announcement that Greenery is the official colour of the year, interest in houseplants has only continued to increase.

Plants in bathrooms might sound like a trend directly from the 1980s, but online searches and garden centre enquiries for bathroom plants are soaring. You may not have the space in your main living spaces for a plethora of greenery; however, if you have a spare shelf or two in your bathroom, this can be the ideal place for you to embrace this trend. In addition to contrasting beautifully with white, marble or grey tiles, there are a variety of plants that thrive in warm, humid atmospheres. These include orchids, ivy and ferns, meaning that your daily shower and a quick water a few times a week will be all it will take to keep them happy and healthy.

Styling plants in your bathroom

A plant placed on your counter top, windowsill or bathroom shelf will effortlessly add a splash of colour. Placing them on a beautiful tray or an elegant slate tile surrounded by some of your favourite beauty products makes a lovely feature; alternatively, if you don’t have any free space there, you could try placing a beautifully potted plant on a stool or chair. A distressed wood or white stool will add a relaxing shabby chic touch, while a rich mahogany wooden seat will bring a touch of regency elegance; alternatively, you could opt for a black or brightly-coloured angular seat for a modern vibe.

If your bath or shower is currently feeling a little uninspiring, try sprucing things up by adding some greenery to your caddy or around your bath. Just make sure that they have enough space, as you don’t want to accidentally knock them over and undo all your relaxation by having to clean up any broken pots!

Alternatively, suspending a plant hanger from the ceiling is a brilliant way to add an unexpected design feature to your bathroom space. Opting for a macramé design will bring an element of 1970s chic to your bathroom; alternatively, you can keep things a little more contemporary by choosing to suspend metallic plant pots from simply-knotted black string. If you want to make an incredibly quirky style statement, you can even invest in upside-down planters, which will - quite literally - allow you to hang plants upside-down whilst cleverly keeping all the soil firmly in place. This is an unusual but undeniably cool design statement.

With so many ways to incorporate houseplants into a space, they are an incredibly versatile design feature and there is a way to style them to suit every personality and aesthetic. A chic, minimalist interior will benefit from hints of bright green, or you can go all out with an eclectic mix of pots for a quirky maximalist aesthetic that will make a real style statement. Whether you have some space in your shower caddy, on your windowsill or even just an empty corner you are not sure what to do with, a houseplant can be a wonderful addition.

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